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Arcade Culture Magazine

The satirical musings of a classic arcade game enthusiast and professional photographer. A dangerous combination.

  1. Question bout adjudication etiquette

    12-27-2017 at 11:26 PM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    With the TGSAP submission queue being longer than ever before, there are quite a few people that are bumping older submissions. This brings attention to the submission with the hopes of more people voting on it and closing the deal.

    When ...
  2. Is Archon a chess game?

    12-27-2017 at 10:25 AM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    Name:  2017-12-27 13_23_25-Archon Classic on Steam.jpg
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    Archon is my favorite game on C-64. It is similar to chess in that it takes place on a board, but it is definitely NOT chess.

    We were having a heated discussion regarding this game, right in the ...
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