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  1. Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

    Not sure if it's just me, but peoples names started showing up on "likes" and "thanks".

    I totally understand why that would be done, but on a site like this, I don't know if it is a good idea.
    I like full-disclosure, life is easier that way. I typically say what I think, and stand by it. Will quickly admit mistakes, rescind comments if I feel out-of-line, but pretty comfortable with my opinions.

    HOWEVER-there is some division going on here lately, I'm new, and stuff goes over my head a lot in general, but even I see it.
    Often, the "likes" generated on one side of a topic or another give an idea of how the majority may feel on an issue, and that is an important element of discussing issues.
    I disagree with myself openly at times, haha, and certainly don't mind disagreeing with someone else, it doesn't mean I don't "like" them, I just don't agree on a particular issue.
    The names being listed could turn things into a popularity contest, rather than an honest opinion gauge, people not wanting to "disagree openly" with a friend.

    I'm probably wrong, and out-of-line speaking on it, but is just a perspective to consider.
  2. Had to clean my wall,lol.

    I'm a silly guy,not a cranky guy. I may have misrepresented myself,and very likely someone else with my last little thing.
    My feelings were just a little hurt,knee-jerk reaction.
    I shouldn't have went there,mebbe put a little too much attention on something that didn't warrant it.
    Sorry to anyone bugged by that,and those that know me know my only speed is silly.
  3. DECO Cassette

    Kinda fascinated by this. It had some pretty good games,and was a great idea at the time. Impossible find,I'm sure,but would be nice to have one.

    Speaking of which...
    Gonna try to K/S the DECO version of Burgertime later,for giggles.
    Obviously,I'll let ya'll know how it goes. :}
  4. Talk about feeling silly...

    So,I made a cold-call to Todd,at TNT amusements(grasping at straws now looking for a BT cab...),a couple days ago.
    SUPER nice guy. I explained my situation a little,he listened with interest. Couldn't currently help me with a cab,but definitely seemed to enjoy my story.
    (The punchline).
    So,at some point in the conversation,I asked directly"I guess you know the current scene,Twin Galaxies and all?"
    He mildly said Yes,Ottumwa and all,big deal arcade back in the day,didn't really say much more.
    I'm guessing he could tell I hadn't seen "King of Arcades"(I have now,lol),and chose not to ruin it for me,haha.
    I know he had to be laughing inside,and boy do I feel stupid,haha!
    Again,SUPER nice guy!
    I thought it was pretty funny. Amazing,sometimes,at the things I am oblivious to.
  5. Oh My!(If a tree falls in the forest...)

    Mebbe I'm overstating/overrating what just happened...
    Figured out Twitch,test broadcast yesterday,and was ready to put one on today,lol.
    So I did.
    I just played a"Perfect"(?)game of Burgertime,broadcast live here and Twitch...
    And I don't think anyone even saw it(thank Gosh for .inp's).
    No missed drops. I don't *think* I died mid-level even once.
    Working on submission now,a sigh of relief to those that have had to watch them up till now-this SHOULD be the last one. Beating the K/S(it can be done)isn't/wasn't my priority-I wanted that "no missed drop" game SOOO bad!
    Thanks All,please check my submission. I'll watch my .inp later,make a few vids to add(with the sound down,lol),for those thatcan't watch the .inp's.
    I think you can record to Twitch,but I'm too lazy to figure that out right now.
    Again,Thanks! I'll be around a while,but I completed my journey,the thing that brought me to Twin Galaxies.
    Love It,Love Ya'll!!!
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