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  1. Game over, man, game over!

    No further comment feels necessary.
  2. Where did GibGirl go?

    If you're wondering where I've been, why I haven't been submitting recently... my Surface Pro charger has died. As a result, the same device that I use to record my games, along with using to submit them, is unusable for the time being.

    It's just a short delay, I have a new one on the way. And there's video with four Time Attack scores for Beautiful Katamari on it, which will be submitted (with the needed tracks created) as soon as I'm up and running again. ...
  3. How I'm Promoting TG Elsewhere

    As I'm one of thefew submitters for Xbox One, I've been trying to help improve the situation byspreading the word elsewhere. I've plugged Twin Galaxies on Twitter a coupletimes, and been posting on Xbox Live in both my personal feed, and in some ofthe Clubs on there. So far… it looks like I haven't managed to get muchattention.

    But I'm taking anadditional step. In one of the clubs over on Xbox Live - Pinaholics Anonymous -I've started a score contest. For Pinball Arcade, on Ripley's Believe It OrNot, highest score by the end of 2016 will win a $25 Xbox Live gift card. Scoresubmissions are required to be on Twin Galaxies, and winners must be members ofthe club.

    I'm hoping theincentive of winning something will get some people to head over here andsubmit some scores! Maybe a couple will even stick around - that's my hope. I'mwilling to spend a little money to bring in some competition.

    So for the few ofyou reading this, if we do get some newbies out of this, keep an eye out forthem, and be encouraging. Let's grow TG!
  4. How I'm Feeling at the Moment

  5. Shifting Focus Away from Xbox One

    While I haven't reached the point of having scores submitted for all of the Atari Flashback Anthology games, or for Pinball Arcade tables, I still think I'm going to shift my game focus away from the Xbox One and to Xbox 360/XBLA games. I have a few more Pinball Arcade scores in adjudication now, and those should definitely be enough to push me into 1st place for both ESI and PSI for the Xbox One as a whole. Given how little activity there is on the console, I need something a bit more interesting to focus on - as I've found beating scores is much more interesting than setting ones that currently don't have any.

    I'm not 100% done with Xbox One, as there are still Pinball Arcade scores to beat, and I'll keep picking them off.

    Now though, it's time to break out a few 360 games. I think I'll start with Burnout Revenge, along with the Rock Band titles. (RB1/2/3/Beatles/Green Day) If I can find a good space to set them up, perhaps I'll pull the Ion Drums back out too - though my browsing through RB scores so far has shown few, if any, drum scores. I'll also find some XBLA games to jump into also. And I'll start working on ascending to 1st place in ESI/PSI for those platforms!

    (Also, why are Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade considered separate platforms? They're both the same console...) ...
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