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  1. Game over, man, game over!

    No further comment feels necessary.
  2. Where did GibGirl go?

    If you're wondering where I've been, why I haven't been submitting recently... my Surface Pro charger has died. As a result, the same device that I use to record my games, along with using to submit them, is unusable for the time being.

    It's just a short delay, I have a new ...
  3. How I'm Promoting TG Elsewhere

    As I'm one of thefew submitters for Xbox One, I've been trying to help improve the situation byspreading the word elsewhere. I've plugged Twin Galaxies on Twitter a coupletimes, and been posting on Xbox Live in both my personal feed, and in some ofthe Clubs on there. So far… it looks like I haven't ...
  4. How I'm Feeling at the Moment

  5. Shifting Focus Away from Xbox One

    While I haven't reached the point of having scores submitted for all of the Atari Flashback Anthology games, or for Pinball Arcade tables, I still think I'm going to shift my game focus away from the Xbox One and to Xbox 360/XBLA games. I have a few more Pinball Arcade scores in adjudication now, and ...
  6. Current Score Hunting Plans

    I just wanted to share my thoughts on what games are currently on my playlist for scores, along with possibilities in the near future.

    First, I hope to keep running through the two primary titles that I'm working on. Both are on the Xbox One. I'd like to set scores for all of ...
  7. My Future Arcade Projects

    For quite a while I've toyed with the idea of owning an arcade or pinball machine. But it was finally in the cards a few years ago - I sold my large MTG card collection to help us have a nice down payment for our first house. Part of the deal with that would be that I'd eventually be able to own a pinball ...
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