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  1. Barnstorming

    Today at 04:40 PM
    A couple days ago I was bored and decided to look up fastest 1B score...figuring I'd find a fake score from you know who as being the fastest time...what I found was this...and I don't really want to show it but someone will find it sooner or later. This should be able to create much faster times... ...
  2. 2600 Q*bert

    Today at 03:17 PM
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    Played Q*bert all day yesterday and half of today and all I have to say is that tomorrow I'll be beating Todd's score...why...because I can
  3. Early Live Adudication! What?!?

    Today at 03:06 PM
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    That's right folks we are off to an early start tonight. Live adjudication begins now on the settleitonthescreen Twitch page.
  4. Wall Entry at 01-22-2018 09:42 PM

    Today at 01:45 PM

    How do I get in contact with the Tauntfest? I havnt heard anything about my TG code that I won this Tuesday. Been trying to reach out to you guys on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Help I've Lost my account on steam and Dont have my Black TG hoodie anymore!

    Today at 11:36 AM
    Im a massive fan of this company and I really enjoyed my Hoodie in game on KOTK and Ive lost it i was Just asking for help in getting it back, I know my account just cant access the game !!! PLEASE HELP
  6. Banned From Streaming YouTube... Again!

    Yesterday at 06:17 PM
  7. Lets talk about testing

    Yesterday at 04:54 PM
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    Ah testing, its what seperates philosophy from science. How often do we think we're just so smart and yet we're wrong. How many of socrates ideas were proven false? Does it mean he was a dummy. No, it just means he failed to understand the importance of testing. If brilliant people are always wrong ...
  8. Live Adjudicating Starts Soon

    Yesterday at 04:36 PM
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    Going to be adjudicating live on the settleitonthescreen Twitch page. Fun is mandatory.
  9. What would have been now. But, what to do with them?

    Yesterday at 03:00 PM
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    Name:  IMG_6609.jpg
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    These were built from spare parts and had fresh copies of win 98SE installed for our in-studio Old School LAN party competitions. For Settle it on the Screen Season 2, For local folks to come on the show and go head to head on Warcraft 2, Starcraft, X-Wing ...
  10. Mobile viewing is getting worse.....

    Yesterday at 12:21 PM
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    Is anyone working on the mobile viewing platform for TG. Every single one of these “improvements” to the website makes mobile viewing worse and worse. Every time. All of my TG viewing is done via mobile.

    Is there any way to slow down the “improvements” just a little ...
  11. Trading Cards?

    Yesterday at 11:14 AM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
    Name:  GameTard Secret Admin small.jpg
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    I am not sure how I feel about these under-ground trading cards. I guess if it makes people laugh, they are ok.
  12. DANIEL LARSEN is the WORLD CHAMPION of eSports for 2017

    Yesterday at 04:07 AM
    WCEI Presentation

    For the first ever World Championship of eSports known as WCEI, it all began 10 months ago on 10-March-2017. With a tough schedule of 37 different games in a grueling 37 week season, many of the best in video gaming ...

    Updated Yesterday at 04:09 AM by OOO

  13. BOB JOHNSON from Tennessee, USA, wins the MGLXXXIV Mystery Prize

    Yesterday at 03:07 AM
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    Mystery Prize Draw:

    27 players were eligible at the end of MGLXXXIV for the mystery prize draw. All players had to play and post a score for all 10 games. The eligible players are listed below:

    The winner is drawn by chance ...
  14. JASON VASILOFF is the MGLXXXIV Champion

    Yesterday at 02:39 AM
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    After 73 days of grueling arcade gaming and close competition, the fourth quarter is now over and MGLXXXIV has now come to a close.

    The final standings are below:


    Updated Yesterday at 03:08 AM by OOO

  15. A word about the new user profile pages...

    Yesterday at 02:28 AM (Random Thoughts from the Twin Galaxies Head Custodian...)
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    Name:  Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 2.14.03 AM.png
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    Some of you may have noticed that Twin Galaxies recently upgraded the user profile pages and specifically improved the ABOUT ME section to allow members to formally summarize and document their gaming resumes with a professional and consistent look. ...
  16. Twin Galaxies creates public platform to give competitive gamers a virtual professional look.

    01-20-2018 at 09:47 PM
    Name:  TG Card.png
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    I have to give Twin Galaxies a hand on this one. This is the best public looking platform to represent gamers in a professional manner. This new administration understands what 'structure' is about.
  17. NES / FAMICOM / DISK - Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!/Punch-Out!! - NTSC - Fastest KO/TKO of Glass Joe - 42.0 - Derek Ruble

    01-20-2018 at 02:21 PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by tecmopsycho View Post

    NTSC - Fastest KO/TKO of Glass JoeI might have to try and beat this one :)
    Score Track
    RulesFactory Default [PASSWORDS
  18. Please welcome Ben Way to the Twin Galaxies team!

    01-20-2018 at 12:12 PM
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    Name:  microscope.png
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    Please welcome @Ben Way, who has joined us in a part-time research role. Ben is working on a number of projects. This includes the overall effort to clean up the entire database, ensuring all tracks ultimately have clear and consistent rules. Please continue ...

    Updated 01-20-2018 at 12:39 PM by Dave Hawksett

  19. Text colors on some pages is hard to read

    01-20-2018 at 10:50 AM
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    This text is very hard to read and I have to highlight it to even read it.

    Name:  image.png
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    Name:  image.png
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    Name:  image.png
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  20. Is there a secret purge of the TG database going on?

    01-20-2018 at 09:40 AM
    I do not engage in idle speculation, so this post shall contain solely facts, and no conjecture.

    Fact #1: some months ago, I observed that the number of correct votes I had cast was within a few dozen of the total number of votes cast. The difference between the two figures is much larger ...

    Updated 01-20-2018 at 09:43 AM by Almighty Dreadlock

  21. New About Me section is pretty sweet

    01-19-2018 at 11:08 PM (Arcade Culture Magazine)
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    Name:  2018-01-20 02_06_46-View Profile_ datagod - Twin Galaxies Forum.jpg
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    Make sure to check out your new About Me section on your profile. This is a pretty sweet update.

    Thank you TG!
  22. Atari 2600 Dragster

    01-19-2018 at 08:36 PM
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    My first try with the real console. (oh yeah i need a better camera...)

    I would like to know what Camera do you use?

    Updated 01-19-2018 at 09:04 PM by oORaydenOo

  23. DA/EMP Venia: Nebulous 105 Grand Finals - Super Smash Bros Wii U

    01-19-2018 at 04:06 PM
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  24. Is TG at all interested in promoting score chasing?

    01-19-2018 at 12:16 PM
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    I know it probably feels like a bit of a big "pile-on" to TG right now, with the responses to everything happening, but I want to come straight out and ask.

    Is Twin Galaxies at all interested in promoting people going for high scores? Is this scoreboard work actually one of the goals, or ...
  25. Trading Card Sptlioght - Warren Davis

    01-19-2018 at 06:26 AM
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    This week we talk with Q*Bert Creator Warren Davis. Along with Q*Bert Warren has help develop many other games such as Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam. Hope you enjoy this interview. ...

    Updated 01-19-2018 at 06:30 AM by Tfried4048

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