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Please welcome Glen Updike, better known to many as @Ninglendo who has joined on a part-time basis as a Consultant to the Research Team. Glen has deep knowledge and experience both of the Twin Galaxies community and our database. He will be assisting us on the big

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Please welcome @Stephen Daultrey who has joined the Twin Galaxies Research Team on a part-time basis. Stephen will be working with Ben and I on various projects. We have already begun our work to tidy up the database and Stephen will be a big help on this. He will

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Please welcome @Ben Way, who has joined us in a part-time research role. Ben is working on a number of projects. This includes the overall effort to clean up the entire database, ensuring all tracks ultimately have clear and consistent rules. Please continue

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11-30-2017 at 10:19 AM 37 Comments
Over the years various boxes of Twin Galaxies material have ended up in the safe hands of various individuals. I intend to take possession of this in order for it to be properly catalogued and preserved. Recently, with the valued help of people including RTM and Walter, we have identified the locations

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We are launching a brand-new component for Twin Galaxies. We have engaged with a highly-experienced team represented here by Jesse Collins. We will be publishing content and tales relevant to our members and the global gaming community as a whole, on a daily basis.

This will be something

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