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03-05-2017 at 03:11 AM
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H1Z1 Submissions, Adjudications, and More on Twin Galaxies (Visual & Audio Guide)

Time Stamps
2:45-6:10-Getting to submissions & brief features
5:45-20:20-Thorough guide for submitting to
Fight for the Crown
21-22:20-Free submission & submission points defined (three needed per submission after the first free)
22:30-23:30-Brief profile page feature
25:20-31:50-Non-H1Z1 Adjudication example run through
32:40-33:30-How your votes are displayed
35:30-38:00-My plea not to cancel invalid submissions
38:45-39:52-Example of a
no/invalid vote
40:05-Adjudicating H1Z1 example run through: tracking kills

Part 2 Time stamps
0-2:30-H1Z1 Adjudication Continued
More Features
2:35-3:35-Shoutbox/Latest Adjudications
4:25-Notification system
7:05-Add your Twitch channel
7:35-Main wall paper
10:15-Chat feature
15-Wishing competitors well :)

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  1. HugDD's Avatar
    Huge thanks to my good friend GGA HAN for lending me his camera to record! Sorry this post came so late! My own notes, that I'll add to in this first comment as needed:
    1)I'd highly suggest taking jjt_defender's comments with a grain of salt. He's been registered on here since early 2000s, and has yet to get a single score verified here on TG. Not everything he writes is as it appears, and he'll sometimes even take credit for the works of others. For example, he did not innovate the time stamps for kills. If I remember correctly, it was Radek of Team Echo Fox that suggested this in the first place.
    2)Two TG Admin Wall posts for more to read if you will: Twin Galaxies, H1Z1: King of the Kill, and The CW! & H1Z1 Adjudication Info and FAQ
    3)Ok, official decision by TG Admin confirming the following submissions very unfortunately are invalidated noting the No Exceptions rules section:
    http://www.twingalaxies.com/showthre...yler-Corpening (he notes his 20 kills in comment #5 that already got verified, so very cool)

    No Parachute Start

    4)I mentioned in the first video above at the 24:25 mark, this Call of Duty Black Ops submission. The score checks out, but settings are never shown as required by the rules, and I'm not going to just go by what the submitter claims that they have no effect on the game play as I'm not familiar with the game. Perhaps some of you have experience with this one.
    5)Some fine folks whose submissions packages tend to be excellent, and who I've come to respect (remember, you can search the submission queue by gamer handles as shown at the 5:27 mark of the top video): jmb, Desidious, marcamy, RaGe, nads, Barthax, Shebababy, Max, MyOwnWorstEnemy, GGA HAN, YesAffinity, Gibgirl, GregDeg, stygian, Marco1019, fredb999, bensweeneyonbass
    6)Fight for the Crown Leader Board

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  2. RaGe's Avatar
    Great stuff, Duc.
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  3. OlawdHaveMercy's Avatar
    gr8 job bro. much needed.
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  4. jjt_defender's Avatar
    Excellent Illustration Tutorial of [COLOR=#3E3E3E]H1Z1 Submissions, Adjudications, and More on Twin Galaxies (Visual & Audio Guide)[/COLOR]
  5. Marco1019's Avatar
    Thank you for recording & posting your comprehensive videos. Also, thanks for the shoutout; my submissions are a result of tips from @RaGe , @Barthax , and @jmb .
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  6. Desidious's Avatar
    I have the utmost respect for you and the things you do here at TG, my friend. You're the true staple.
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  7. Barthax's Avatar
    Friendly introduction & tour from one of the friendliest guys at TG. :D
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  8. nads's Avatar
    Love it Duc!

    Great work!
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  9. AirCord's Avatar
    Awesome of you Duc! Much respect for your hard work making this!
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  10. Max's Avatar
    Nice job Duc. Thank you for taking the time out to produce this. This will be of value to many.
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  11. spectre's Avatar
    good job Duc
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  12. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar
    Thanks Duc! This is a great post. Very informative and accessible.
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