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10-11-2017 at 11:01 PM
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I lost about 300 credibility but how?

I noticed that I lost about 300 credibility points over the past day? I looked through my notifications and nothing in there indicates that I should have lost points?

So how did this happen? I went from just short of 4400 to 4120 points
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  1. HugDD's Avatar
    Hey Jacob,

    The one thing I can think of at the moment if this isn't a glitch, is perhaps you voted on a submission that was successfully disputed, and the score was removed. There've been some disputes that closed recently, and of course, plenty that're still in the score disputes review. Hope this helps!

  2. GregDeg's Avatar
    Did you vote "Yes" on this submission?

    I lost 550 points because it was rejected. Not sure why.
  3. HugDD's Avatar
    Hey Greg,

    Great catch! Your answer lies in the successful dispute: http://www.twingalaxies.com/showthre...ee-Score-2-877

    I can see how folks may be caught off guard, especially if you're one jjt_defender who pretty much comments mostly on short run submissions like these mobile ones. The thing is, as they're shorter, it's important to be precautious. This one, as noted above, the recording started in the middle of the run with a pause/continuation, and the score already in the 1,400'ish mark.

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  4. spectre's Avatar
    ah yes, the dispute was succesful. Maybe I voted on that submission? That's the answer then.
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