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Random Thoughts from the Twin Galaxies Head Custodian...

11-25-2017 at 10:09 PM
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Test Your Dragster Bias!

Name:  Recent Atari 2600 Dragster 5.54.jpg
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Do you believe this is an image of a legitimate 5.54 performed on Atari 2600 Hardware by someone recently?

Do you believe this is a fake/manipulated image in some way?

Your initial reaction and belief regarding this image may internally inform you.

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  1. Marcade's Avatar
    My initial reaction: Great!!! Now lets see a legit video of this!
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  2. datagod's Avatar

    There is too much jpg compression to accurately determine if this was photoshopped. Also a very low resolution image.

    I would say getting 99.99 seconds is strange, but second player getting 5.54 is strange too, as I have only watched people play as player one.

    Judging from the curved (expensive) 4K monitor, I am going to say this is output from the new testing rig you have setup, using real hardware.

    My final answer: LEGIT
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  3. datagod's Avatar

    Totally legit!
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  4. HectorTelloc's Avatar
    I can top that...

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    All bs good or not Todd is not what we thought he was
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  6. EVN's Avatar
    I don't believe in records with no video evidence attached to them.
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  7. HectorTelloc's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by datagod

    Totally legit!
    I actually spoke to the person in question about that and it is legit!
    He only removed the post because people were ridiculing him over
    if the cropped photo was real or not. However if you look at his world
    records you can clearly see he is a capable gamer, who has proved himself
    time and time again. He didn't get that score for you guys, he did it for himself
    and hoped his friends would cheer him on as well. It's not very nice to poke fun of
    someone who is no longer with us to defend himself. How does that make you feel now?
    Do you like picking on people who ride the short bus?
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  8. Snowflake's Avatar
    How does testing your skills in finding flaws in photos test your bias? All this does is allow cheaters to learn from their mistakes. Put this in the official dispute so that the submitted can be banned for falsifying evidence in an official dispute
  9. CWK's Avatar
    Even if it is real, one real score does not make entering fake scores on many other tracks O.k.
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  10. CWK's Avatar
    It's not nice to tease, Jace
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  11. Gsampson35's Avatar
    Numbers and decmil points are not lined up.
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  12. CWK's Avatar
    Well the photo is fake or the dispute would have updated info but remain open forever regardless =/
    Updated 11-26-2017 at 05:57 AM by CWK
  13. The Evener's Avatar
    Tis the season of 5.54 sightings!

    Recognition of video game achievement should not be based on a leap of faith. Photos are no longer "good enough" for TG - any submission based on a single photo would rightly be rejected, especially featuring a game where the overwhelming evidence suggests it exceeds the "fastest time possible" for the game. YouTube is awash in countless cute cat videos, but not a single 5.54 without a hacked ROM. Are you really testing our bias, or our patience?
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  14. Snowflake's Avatar
    I’ll state my issues with the photo once it’s part of the official dispute
  15. Chris Foote's Avatar
    Might it be a Photo from that Nerds Test rig from the video Jace posted before? Part 2 has yet to be seen so we dont know what the nerds findings are right now.
    Real or not Todd cannot be trusted
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  17. CWK's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by CONSOLEPLAYEROFTHECENTURY
    Real or not Todd cannot be trusted
    There is a score off Todd's just brought up in the scoreboard errors thread. Maybe someone can move it on over to disputes
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  18. MaturedSinner's Avatar
    As it is only a picture, and not a video, I have to assume it is fake. Not even a video of the resulting time, much less the run itself. Not even crappy sites like Record Setter accept only photos without being skeptical since they are much more easily manipulated than a video, even when it is just something like a results screen.

    Interesting how you phrase this as "test your bias" as it seems to be going in the opposite direction you intend. It isn't revealing a bias against such a time being possible, but revealing a blind bias that such a time is possible without irrefutable proof. Plenty of people would like to see this kind of time be done legit, but there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and you are not helping by posting the bare minimum in a format that can be easily cheated. Until you can provide real proof, it is clearly you with the bias, not those asking for actual proof.
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    Some idiots at galloping ghosts tried the same garbage with Splatterhouse
  20. Snowflake's Avatar
    I still want to know where this game from. Presenting fake evidence is a bannable offense. Enforce your rules jace and ban the one who gave you this fake evidence
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