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12-17-2017 at 02:02 AM
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First visit to a proper arcade in 17 years!

Yesterday I visited an arcade which is roughly 70 miles away from me. It's one of only 3 big arcades (that i know of) in the UK and I've been meaning to go visit for about a year now.

With the holiday season coming and spare time on my hands I thought why not... let's do it!

Upon arrival... the sounds of glorious retro games hit my ears and instantly i was taken back to my childhood.

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They had everything here... Multi cabs, original 80's cabs, racers, SEGA uprights, Neo Geo cabs... so much to look at but of course, me being me i came here for one reason.

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A real, deluxe twin cab Rave Racer (Ridge Racer 3.)

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I spent about 5 hours on this machine. I destroyed all their existing records and also set a few new world records for TG which are in adjudication right now.

But, I took something else away with me... I'm finding a deep love and respect for the older cabinets. I played Chase HQ, Donkey Kong, Pengo, Robotron and many more. Some of these were multi cabs so not the real deal but they were the closest I have been to a proper 80's cab.

The beautiful scanlines of some of these machines RGB monitors is just stunning to me. I really took away a love and respect for these 80's cabinets and quite honestly I'm thinking about buying myself a JAMMA cabinet in the future as some of these games are just fantastic fun and look incredible on a sharp monitor.

Not to mention the marquee's... Some of them were just beautiful to see. Especially in a row of machines... it's just such a nice sight.

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But wait, there's more...

To my surprise... they had Ridge Racer Revolution on 2 big Sony Trinitron TV's and they were linked up! Over the years I have never, ever played the link up mode on this as it allows you to play the original Ridge Racer track but on the Ridge Racer Revolution game engine.

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All in all, a great day out. If anyone here from the UK wants to have a really good time and a big shot of nostalgia I'd recommend getting down here...

Timewarp Arcade
Watsons Ln

Website: http://timewarparcade.com
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