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12-20-2017 at 03:25 PM
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My visit to Ridge Racer Full Scale

A VERY rare machine i visited 2 years ago now... Not work or kid safe as i have the mouth of a sailor but otherwise a very interesting look into an extreme unique arcade machine.

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  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar
    You can have a potty-mouth and still be a good guy, no worries-you seem like someone I'd def. wanna hang with, and I almost have to make myself curse, lol!!

    Nice they were so willing to work the settings, those can be a real pain on driving machines.

    Some parts of the video are perfect-the physical stability of the hood of the car makes it look amazing, and the angle was dead-on, we really get to see what you are seeing, the rest are a nice look at the machine, for sure!

    When you guys were in the car together, I kept thinking about Rally racing-would be insane to have a game where a second player had a tablet or something, could alert you to upcoming turns/troubles!

    Driving on the wrong side of the car must make it crazy-tough! I wonder why they built it that way?
    (I am kidding, cultural difference silliness!)

    Definitely worth sharing, very cool!
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