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01-05-2018 at 05:36 PM
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Gaming Accomplishments

I was asked about my gaming feats. They are not traditional high scores, but video games have been a part of my life since I was 5.

The years may be wrong here and there. It is not like I have all this written down in notepad so I can cut and past. (although that is a great idea!)

Video Game Feats and Accomplishments
1975 - Defeated a computer playing X and O's at Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories
1981 - Began programming career using Microsoft Basic on TRS-80 computer
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1982 - Programmed a Tron Light Cycle game
1982 - Discovered multiple bugs in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, including one that lets you jump right beside the last mountain (push diagonal in upper left hand corner for the warp)
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1983 - Programmed a series of Star Trek text adventures on the TRS-80 computer
1984 - Investigated for hacking high school computers, expulsion was avoided for lack of evidence
1985 - Investigated for hacking high school computers again. Same outcome.
1986 - Suspended for suspected high school hacking. Snitches got stitches.
1989 - First person in the Canadian Military to build an electromagnet to cheat at Gorgar pinball
1990 - Produced futuristic tank battle game called Tank Wars 2004.
1992 - Purchased Street Fighter II on release date and marathoned the game for the next 36 hours with roommates
1994 - Was speed running Super Metroid before speedrunning was a thing
2010 - Part of first Canadian e-sports team to compete at Funspot
2011 - Founded Arcade Culture magazine, the most popular magazine in all of CAG
2014 - Producer of King of Arcades
2014 - Co-Hosted the first Jace Hall era of Settle It On The Screen with Glen Updike. Mike and Nick were unavailable due to technical difficulties.
2015 - Magazine Arcade Culture featured in the movie Man v.s. Snake
2015 - Gold Founder of the modern Twin Galaxies via Right2Game campaign
2016 - World record on Space Tactics, proving corruption and collusion by former ref
2016 - Founded Antisocial TV series, a comedy drama that takes an irreverent look at our culture
2017 - World record on Boxer Glove, proving I have strongest punch on TG
2017 - Programmed world's first Classic Arcade Forum Argument Simulator
2017 - Created worlds first Retro Arcade Clock on a Raspberry Pi. It plays 6 different video games and tells the time too!

- instrumental in documenting resurgence of arcades and tournaments through over 50,000 photos
- multiple photos printed in Guinness book of world records
- helped many of my gaming friends get into books and magazines
- official photographer for Walter Day's trading card project
- invited to multiple retro events as a V.I.P.
- multiple interviews for documentaries

I also have traveled to more US Arcade events than any other Canadian, travelling over 50,000 miles in total.

I'll keep adding to this list as I remember things. This has been fun!


  1. Intellivision Master's Avatar
    In 1982 I also found the bug on D&D. I need co-credit on that line.

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  2. datagod's Avatar

    Did you discover the "wiggle" bug? If you wiggle the screen when a demon thing is just on the edge, it will sometimes split in two. Not very useful, but I loved doing it.
  3. Marcade's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing this info.

    But tell me more about this "Anti-social" TV series?
    Just dont feel like looking it up at this time.
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  4. DadsGlasses's Avatar
    You should make that entire post your signature.
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  5. Fly's Avatar
    I've got mad game, but I don't kiss and tell. LL FlyHec
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  6. RaGe's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fly
    I've got mad game, but I don't kiss and tell. LL FlyHec
    Rock the bells.
  7. Ninglendo's Avatar
    I appreciate everything you do Bill. You're an important piece to the community. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
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