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01-09-2018 at 05:28 PM
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Pinball Arcade Tournament

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Scoreboard above updated 1/18 at 12:20 EST

Please ignore all scoreboard images posted below.

@admin staff FYI when editing this first post, there is no option to remove old images that I wish to edit off. I'm posting an image of a scoreboard that gets updated daily.
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  1. Max's Avatar
    I'll slightly modify those rules. First place on each table receives 100 points, second 99 points etc.

    Highest score wins. All TG settings apply on honor system.
  2. GibGirl's Avatar
    I'd be up for it... can you get a list of tables you're wanting to include? Not sure if the same ones are available on both platforms.
  3. Max's Avatar
    I'll likely move this to a forum thread as it will be easier to manage (numbered posts). I'll tag the usual pin players and cross post here when I create a new thread, but all are certainly welcome to join in.

    The game list is:

    Al's Garage Band World Tour
    Cactus Jack's
    Firepower II
    Ghost Busters Premium Edition
    Pistol Poker
    Spanish Eyes
    Swords of Fury
    Wild Card
    Wipe Out
    World Championship Soccer
    Updated 01-09-2018 at 07:03 PM by Max
  4. Max's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by GibGirl
    I'd be up for it... can you get a list of tables you're wanting to include? Not sure if the same ones are available on both platforms.
    Please let me know if there is a game conflict and I'll take whatever problem games out (if any).
  5. GibGirl's Avatar
    I believe that Pistol Poker, Spanish Eyes, and Wild Card are not yet available for the Xbox One.
  6. Max's Avatar
    OK. So those games are off the list then. If you find out otherwise, we'll add them back.

    Nothing finer than a tournament on the fly. ;)

    So far it's just you and me and we're tied!
  7. RaGe's Avatar
    I'll join in. I think I'm only missing Al's Garage Band, but I'll pick it up.
  8. Max's Avatar
    4.99 gets them all RaGe.

    Al's Garage Goes on a World Tour.

    You may see the game as World Tour?
  9. RaGe's Avatar
    I got it. The only one I'm missing is Cactus Jack's. Is it good? I'm not of fan of Cacti.....LOL
  10. Max's Avatar
    Ahhh yes that makes sense I think. Since you never bought season 6, you're missing the season six updates.

    So, we should remove the season 6 games from the list.

    I think, that's Paragon and Cactis, though Marc could confirm better than I could.
  11. Max's Avatar
    The game list withers to:

    Firepower II
    Ghost Busters Premium Edition
    Wipe Out
    World Championship Soccer

    -Al's Garage Band, Cactis Jack and Swords of Fury removed as these were Season 6 games
    -Missing Xbox games Pistol Poker, Spanish Eyes, and Wild Card removed as per above post from gibgirl
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    Updated 01-09-2018 at 11:22 PM by Max
  12. Marcade's Avatar
    Cactus Jack, Al's Garage Band, and Swords of Fury are the remaining Season 6 tables.
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  13. Max's Avatar
    A six game tournament is decent. Not too much, not too little. All games are new to everyone on PS4.

    EDIT: Moving everything to this thread with update:

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    Updated 01-10-2018 at 12:06 AM by Max
  14. Max's Avatar
    Well, it's a good thing I moved everything to the general threads. :D

    Needless to say, everything is now moved right back here again as TG removed the general threads. Here are the revised rules for the tournament (this is a repost from the general threads):

    Pinball Arcade Season 7 Tournament

    This is an informal six game tournament open to anyone who wishes to submit scores. Submissions on any platform are welcome.

    -Scoring: point system per each table (1st place 100 points, 2nd place 99 points etc.). Highest score for all tables wins.

    -Prizes: fame and glory for all who participate

    -Tournament dates: tournament is open now and will close at 11:59 EST on Sat, Jan 20th.

    -Post a screen shot of your final score or link to an open TG submission for your score to count. All scores must be submitted no later than 11:59 EST in this thread. Late submissions will result in tears.

    -Rules: standard TG TPA rules apply (honor system)

    -Game list (edited as certain season 7 titles have not yet been released on xbox):

    Firepower II
    Ghost Busters Premium Edition
    Wipe Out
    World Championship Soccer

    -Scoreboard will be maintained in this thread and updated daily (or as needed)

    -Good luck!
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  15. GibGirl's Avatar
    As an aside, I'm trying to get the new games added for Xbox One, so if anyone wants to donate a few points to help me get the first one accepted...


    EDIT: Done, that was quick! Thanks! I'll get the rest of the tracks for games added tonight, and now I can get new ones added as soon as they're available. If you're still itching to help with track creation, I have a couple in the marketplace for Burnout Paradise on the 360... :)

    EDIT 2: Games are all added for Xbox One.
    Updated 01-10-2018 at 07:32 PM by GibGirl
  16. RaGe's Avatar
    Cool table.

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    Updated 01-13-2018 at 10:08 PM by RaGe
  17. Max's Avatar
    Pinball Tournament Update

    Overall Leaderboard

    1st place - RaGe with 100 points

    Game Leaderboards

    Firepower II
    Ghost Busters Premium Edition
    Wipe Out
    World Championship Soccer
    100 - RaGe 2,558,917,230

    Note: timmell has voiced concerns about screenshots only. My intent was to allow it to make it easy for everyone to participate without having to spend tons of submission points on a "submission only" tournament. The goal here is to promote the release and pinball play in general and hopefully encourage growth of this title we all enjoy. Note that valid "tilt-able" scores are posted on the TPA website anyway.

    Due to these concerns, screenshots only are no longer valid.

    To participate, please post a screenshot of your final score here along with a link to your game play video no later than 11:59 EST on 1/20. You may link to an open TG submission, youtube, twitch, a google shared drive etc.

    I will not be sifting through the submission queue as it's a hassle and too easy to miss things. I'll leave it up to the individual players to cross post here if they wish to participate in the tournament.

    Tournament concludes 11:59 EST on 1/20.
  18. Max's Avatar
    While I'm on the topic of this tournament, on a recent stream @Ninglendo has suggested that he will beat Sroka overall. I'm backing Sroka for the overall win as Glen is overconfident and he has a broken thumb. Besides, Sroka with his recent submissions has proven his pinball skillz have massively improved. Sroka is clearly the better player. :D
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    Updated 01-12-2018 at 02:22 PM by Max
  19. Max's Avatar
    Here are my new entries. I played each game once in this twitch link in alphabetical order.

  20. GibGirl's Avatar
    So there's no problem with multiple submissions for a table, right? Wanted to check before submitting any.

    Also... I'm fine with screenshots only because this is, well, all for fun, right? I don't worry about anyone cheating for this. :)
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