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Uncle Valle Tackles Ryu's Hardest Matchup In Street Fighter

Dhalsim is a historically tough obstacle to all Ryu players, but that's no excuse when you've been around the series playground for as long as Alex Valle. Learn some tricks from watching him blow through a series of Dhalsim matches!

It's no secret that Dhalsim is and nearly always has been Ryu’s hardest matchup in the Street Fighter series. The stretchy yoga guru has an answer for nearly everything in Ryu's arsenal and in the hands of a capable player, an equally capable Ryu might be in trouble before the match has even started. That said, watching fighting game pro-player Alex Valle take on three Dhalsims in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, you’d think this troublesome contest was a piece of cake!

Dhalsim’s playstyle has frustrated Ryu players for decades now. Without any sort of safe ways to maneuver through Dhalsim’s limbs and fireball game, Ryu players often have to use every ounce of their patience to get in and stay in. As a veteran of the fighting game community and as a long-time Ryu player, Valle has faced his share of Dhalsims and should know the matchup at this point. Even so, it’s still amazing to see such expert play knowing how difficult the matchup can be. Valle expertly reacts to teleports, punishes those trademark long limbs, and displays extraordinary patience when combating Dhalsim’s new V-Trigger. When he gets inside Dhalsim's comfort zone, the punishment commences and he lays a beat down on the "superior" character.

If you’re looking for more from Valle, the last video in the above compilation shows him snatching victory from the jaws of defeat with Kolin, Street Fighter V’s ice queen. Despite being stunned with less than a quarter of health left, Valle is able to take advantage of ill-use of Kolin’s new V-Trigger to mount a miraculous comeback and get himself some much deserved BP. 

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