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Sniper Reaches Out To Hilltop Hiker In Fortnite

Building vantage points and popping off extreme kills in seconds? It's just another day for this skilled player in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Fortnite is characterized by the easy ability to build on the fly, giving players a multitude of ways in which to bend the environment to their advantage. In Fortnite’s Battle Royale, that extends to setting up sniper nests in the blink of an eye and if a shooter as good as player Harry Protter builds upward to put you in their sights, you might be in trouble.

The player starts innocently enough, building a ramp up to the roof of a house as is easy and normal in Fortnite’s gameplay. Where the real talent comes in is when Protter spots player Browly27 up on a distant hill moving onward and upward while taking pot shots at their teammates. In little more than possibly a second, Protter aligns for the target’s movement and the bullet’s drop, squeezing off a one-shot kill that probably left Browly sitting stunned in the aftermath. Versatility, reaction time, and accuracy put Protter in a position for a magnificent kill and we’d happily spot for such a hot shot anyday.

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