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The Best DPS Players the Atlantic Division Of OWLeague Has to Offer

Damage-per-second players are tasked with the job of dealing most of their team's damage to their opponents and skilled ones are able to completely take over a match. We take a look at some heavy hitters in Overwatch League's Atlantic Division

No one person in a team-based game like Overwatch can take a whole team to victory on their backs alone. It takes the combined forces of every different role putting it all together like a well-oiled machine. It's what seperates the winner's circle from the early trip home on enormous stages like the Overwatch League Stage 1 finals. That said, some roles are built to make more of an impact than others. More often than not, it's the damage-per-second players that can shift the tide of a match. These offensive glass cannons are capable of disruptive whole team set-ups if they're doing it properly, and if you want to look at some great examples of this, then look with us towards the Atlantic division of the Overwatch League.

Each of these players was a threat worth taking notice of in their matches throughout Stage 1. Whether they boosted their team towards victory, kept the other teams checked with crucial and constant kills, or made it so enemy teams had to build strategies around keeping these players down, these players showed their chops and provided plenty of highlight reel material at the end of the matches. These are some of the best damage dealers in the Atlantic Division of Overwatch League.


LiNkzr getting ready for a match to begin.

LiNkzr getting ready for a match to begin.

Source: Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Jiri "LiNkzrMasalin was one of the major contributing factors to the massive success that the Houston Outlaws had during Stage 1 of the Overwatch League. Utilizing a wide hero pool and deadly accuracy, LiNkzr is able to hunt down any target he sets his eyes on and get them out of the way so that his teammates are free to do as they please. Widowmaker, McCree and Tracer are his signature heroes and the talented DPS player is able to use the strengths of each of these heroes to their fullest potential. His Widowmaker play is undoubtly one of the best in the entire league and he is able to go toe to toe with any other sniper he is facing. Averaging close to 50 eliminations a match, LiNkzr is the center piece of the Houston Outlaws' approach to both offense and defense. 


DreamKazper focusing on taking out his enemies.

DreamKazper focusing on eliminating out his enemies.

Source: Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Jonathan "DreamKazper" Sanchez is the definition of variety, as the Boston Uprising DPS player rarely goes a match without playing at least six different heroes. DreamKazper's wide hero pool allows for him to attack any kind of composition that his opponent might be running, allowing for him to have success in almost any situation. This is driving force behind in high amount of eliminations he gets in every match. Many fans had never heard of DreamKazper before his debut with the Boston Uprising, but now he has caught the eye of the entire world of professional Overwatch and will look to continue his strong play going into Stage 2 of the Overwatch League. 


Saebyeolbe celebrating with teammate

Saebyeolbe celebrating with the rest of the New York Excelsior.

Source: Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Jong-Ryeol "Saebyeolbe" Park is often regarded as the best Tracer player in the world and his play in Stage 1 of the Overwatch League did nothing to disprove this notion. Rapid movement and precise aim are the calling cards of how Saebyeolbe dominates his opponents with Tracer. The best representation of Saebyeolbe putting these two skills together was his performance against the Seoul Dynasty on January 27th where the Tracer legend put up 70 eliminations against one of the best teams in the league and would not let any of Seoul's players have any peace of mind with his constant disruption.  New York will need Saebyeolbe to continue his high level of play if they want to continue as one of the elite teams of the league. 


Pine giving some of his fans some love.

Pine gmaking a grand entrance into the Overwatch League arena.

Source: Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Another member of the New York Excelsior makes the list and while Do-Hyeon "Pine" Kim does not start for the Excelsior, there is no denying the raw talent that he shows off whenever he does step onto the stage. Being a control map specialist, Pine is able to completely devastate his opponents with his insanely accurate aim. The skilled McCree player has already compiled a long list of highlight plays in his short amount of playing time during Stage 1. It is very difficult to play against an opponent who can bring in a player of Pine's caliber off of the bench for specific situations and have him play to the level of the best DPS players in the entire league. Not many players are able to count the amount of map losses they have on one hand like Pine is able to do. 


birdring entering the Overwatch League arena to a crowd of fans.

birdring entering the Overwatch League arena to a crowd of fans.

Source: Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Ji-Hyeok "birdring" Kim is another substitute to make the list, but with the London Spitfire's 12 man roster and their eagerness to sub players in and out, birdring plays as often as his starting counterparts. There is a good reason for this too, as the impressive DPS player has made his statement to being the best DPS player in the world. Utilizing insanely quick reflexes and a large hero pool, birdring is able provide more than enough firepower for the Spitfire to use as they wish. Saving one of his best performances for when it mattered most, birdring was able to provide 62 eliminations in the London Spitfire's Stage 1 championship win over the New York Excelsior. London will be doing everything in their power to keep birdring playing at this extremely high level, as they look to defend their Stage 1 championship. 

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