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EU LCS Team Nominated for Esports Play of the Month

The exciting conclusion to a match from the European League of Legends Championship Series has been nominated for play of the month by Esports Industry Awards website.

The action is always hot in the EU LCS and that means you should always be paying attention. Fortunately for those that might have missed it, the Esports Industry Awards have been keeping a close eye on all the action that takes place across various different games.

An extremely close game between the Unicorns of Love and Splyce came down to the wire in week one of the EU LCS. With the game time passing the one hour mark, the two teams were locked into a sort of stalemate. With both teams having reached a limit on the number of items they could acquire, they had reached the point where the next team to lose a fight, would lose the game.

When the Unicorns attempt to push in to end the game, Splyce were prepared, taking down two members of the Unicorns and setting themselves up to keep defending. However, the protracted defence would not come, as Splyce made the quick reaction call to send three members of their team down into the base of UoL and attempt to end the game on the spot.

What follows is perhaps one of the single most hyped sentences a fan of competitive League of Legends can ever hear: “It’s a base race!”

Splyce would go on to win the match in thrilling fashion, and it’s no surprise that others have taken notice of such an event. With games like this, it’s no wonder the EU LCS has always been so exciting to watch.

For more up to date coverage of the EU LCS, check out our recap from week 4, day 1 and day 2.

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