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San Francisco Shock Announces New Coach

Quality coaching allows for Overwatch League teams to realize their fullest potential. The San Francisco Shock are looking for their newly signed coach to help their team accomplish this realization.

Coaching is a vital part of any professional sports team's ability to have success. This is especially true in the Overwatch League, as coaching staffs work to utilize their rosters to achieve the best results possible. With the constant adjusting that takes place during a match, coaches are looked upon by their organizations to identify when and where these adjustments need to take place. The San Francisco Shock decided that another addition to their coaching staff was needed to help in accomplishing these duties. This new addition was announced on the team's Twitter account today.  

Junkbunk will help lead the roster of the San Francisco Shock in Stage 2.

Junkbunk will help lead the roster of the San Francisco Shock in Stage 2.

Source: San Francisco Shock

Junkbunk is now a part of the San Francisco Shock coaching staff and brings valuable experience from his days as the coach of the Toronto esports Overwatch team. The newly added coach will be helping the Shock improve on their less than successful 3-7 campaign from Stage 1 of the Overwatch League.  

Fans will have the chance to get to know the Shock's new coach, as the team will be doing an ask me anything (AMA) session in their Discord channel this coming Sunday, February 17th with Junkbunk and head coach Brad Rajani. 

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