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Risky Peach Counter Seals Match In Smash Bros. 4

The 2017 2GG Smash Bros. Tournament hosted some top level pro players and plays. Watch how Samsora used Peach to knock T out in the tightest of matches!

Super Smash Bros is the visual spectacle that keeps on giving at the highest levels of play. At the 2GG Championship Smash 4 Tournament in Southern California during December 2017, there were some truly heated matches. Although there were plenty of highlights to choose from, there was one moment in the end of a match between Isami "T" Ikeda and Jamaal "Samsora" Morris Jr. that really elevated the excitement at the tail end of the night.

At the point we arrive in the match, both players have only one stock left. T's Link play and Samsora's Peach are equal parts strategic and aggressive and each player comes down to the wire where only a single hefty hit could end the game. T almost manages to catch Samsora several times with Link's potent bomb and slash combination. However, at the end of the day, it was an off-stage neutral smash by Samsora's Peach that sent T flying and ended the match. There was a ton of back and forth between these two, but in the determining set, very timely combination of positioning and counterplay is what made Samsora's victory amazing and complete.

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