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And Your Overwatch League MVP Of Day One Was...

In the fracas of fine play and top-tier Overwatch League action, who came out looking the best and brightest out of Day One's matches?

The first day of Overwatch League was a pretty diverse offering of awesome plays, total domination, and tight matches. Los Angeles Valiant and Los Angeles Gladiators came down hard upon San Francisco Shock and Shanghai Dragons respectively, and while the latter teams strived to push back, they could not overcome the dominance. The big spotlight came later in the night though when Seoul Dynasty and Dallas Fuel put on a tight set of matches that were hard fought down to the wire. That said, Dynasty came out ahead by a nose and though the team as a whole played impressively well together, for our money it was damage-per-second player Byung-Sun “Fleta” Kim who put on the most amazing show of the night.

Fleta certainly could not do it alone. Players like Jin-Hyuk “Miro” Gong rocking his world-famous Winston, Jin-Mo “Tobi” Yang booping people into the pit of doom in Ilios, and some greatly timed ultimates out of all members of the time made for pinnacle moments when it mattered most in Dynasty’s victory. Everyone did their part and the economy of teamwork among Dynasty is what allowed them to come out on top at crucial moments.

Fleta's Pharah play was beyond transcendant alongside other momentum shifting moments and plays in the Dallas Fuel vs Seoul Dynasty match-up
Fleta's Pharah play was beyond transcendant alongside other momentum shifting moments and plays in the Dallas Fuel vs Seoul Dynasty match-up

That said, Fleta was an orchestrator of death throughout the entire series. He rolled through a pool of 8 champions throughout the series with Dallas Fuel and each character played was done at an impressively high level of skill and strategy. In the Temple of Anubis and Junkertown maps, he was grappling through the map and popping melons with Widowmaker off even the slightest of openings. Meanwhile on maps like Numbani, he would make switches to characters like Genji to deliver a little bit of devastation and wipe the Dallas formations to allow his team time to reconfigure for defense. Whatever hero Fleta happened to be playing on whatever map, he made sure it was to full effect and purpose.

Even then, the place where Fleta shined brightest was in his Pharah play. When he was airborne throwing down rockets in Ilios and Numbani, Fleta was a force to be feared. He made big plays such as when he took out Dallas Fuel’s Pongphop “Mickie” Rattanasangchod in a fresh D.Va mech by concussive blasting him off the map in Numbani. More than that, his direct hit ratio with Pharah’s rocket launcher was a phenomenal 38%. How good is that? Let Overwatch League Stats Producer Ben Trautman tell you.

By Trautman's insight, 38% makes Fleta a downright surgeon when it comes to Pharah compared to most performances throughout the world. Seoul Dynasty, who reached a partnership deal with NETGEAR leading up to the Overwatch League debut, is looking like a difficult obstacle for anyone who happens to come up against them. Even so, despite his stellar performance, Fleta remains humble. In the conference following, he deflected from the idea that he might be the best damage-per-second player on the scene right now, instead propping up Jake Lyon of the Houston Outlaws as his pick of best DPS player.

Fortunately, Overwatch League is in full swing and Houston is set to match up against the Philadelphia Fusion soon enough as of this writing. We’ll be able to see for ourselves if Lyon, the Outlaws, and the rest of the Overwatch League can match the stellar bar set by Fleta, Dynasty, and the other winning teams on Day One. But for now, that’s a high and admirable bar for anyone to reach. Be sure to catch the matches today on the Overwatch League Twitch channel as the action continues!

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