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Stylosa Joins OWL London Spitfire Officially As Consultant

Popular British YouTuber Stylosa joins London Spitfire as "British Consultant".

The Overwatch League started their inaugural season officially yesterday, but the announcements are only beginning. Announced in Discord 42 minutes prior to their first official match with Florida Mayhem today, the Cloud9-owned team London Spitfire announced a partnership with famous YouTube streamer Stylosa

This announcement showed up on Spitfire's Discord server.

Stylosa runs YouTube channel Unit Lost and holds 654k followers and focuses nearly solely on Overwatch since the game came out. Stylosa's real full name is unknown, though he is 30 years old and has run the channel since 2011. Known for being a British gamer, the Spitfire have brought him on as a "British Consultant" to the team, which is comprised entirely of South Korean players. In the above video, he jokingly gives the team "British gifts" and teaches them "proper English", which included the Unit Lost slogan, "Rank doesn't matter." Since the team is not from London, Stylosa seems to be set up to be their proper consulting to the culture, as well as being an avid Overwatch player on their side of the court.

The Spitfire started their preseason on the fence, having one good match up and one bad. They claimed that they had little practice under their belts after flying in to the arena. With plenty of training and practice since December, they hope to prove the preconcieved notions wrong this time around. Overwatch League's Day 2 has just begun, with London Spitfire being in the very first match of the day against Florida Mayhem. You can tune in at https://www.twitch.tv/overwatchleague or https://overwatchleague.com/ .

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