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A PUBG Headshot That Would Make Green Arrow Blush

Talent or luck? It doesn't matter. What does matter is that at the end of the day, someone ended up with an arrow in their head. See how it happened in this amazing power play!

Sometimes you have to make lemonade from lemons, and that's just what Reddit user Ianrosetta did in a PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds match. Starting off with a crossbow is a hard situation to overcome in most cases, but Ian made do. Crossbows are known for being hard to use and lacking in range, as well as the incredibly slow reload time. The mounted 4X scope doesn't give a massive enhancement in this case either.

Even still, against all odds, Ian heard a vehicle and decided to try his luck. After tracking the other player and keeping to the sides of buildings, he saw the car move down the road. He adjusted for the distance and took an chance on a leading shot. The car was no longer visible when the words "YOU killed restheruler by headshot with Crossbow - 84 left" came across the screen. It was truly one in a million, but the crossbow hit the lone passenger in a moving vehicle at a pretty fair distance.

We're pretty sure Ian got reported for that one, because without the video, we surely wouldn't have believed it ourselves. You've done yourself proud sir. Whatever the outcome of that match was, you earned a chicken dinner in our books.

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