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Here is my Prediction I said this Last Year Billy Mitchell will Play more than Likely at the Kong Off 6 //
or Something or a Special Retro Gaming Event He Like's Being in the Spot Light after what been happening lately he Wants to Come Back to show he can do it.

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Question TG Commissioner David Hawksett What do you Mean Long Post Titles their is a TG Rule Limit for that to How Much TG Members Like to Know to? I am Dyslexia & ADDh so Bare with me.
I do Not Understand Can you Please Explain it to me. What is Post Titles I am Not Sure what you are Talking

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Question to William Rosa Generally their are 4 Boards to Arcade Q*Bert Per Level Up to Level 9 it Takes a Estimated 2 Hours Per Million Points I Learned the Game form Mrs. Q*Bert My Friend Doris Self.
1.Are their More than 4 Boards on Atari 800 Version to get to the Next Level? I Only Played

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Happy New Year to All Twin Galaxy Staff & Twin Galaxy Members to All your Families & Friends May God Be in Your Heart & Soul

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Twin Galaxy Commissioner David Hawksett No More Games Please Give me a Honest Answer.
Accepted or Rejected Video Game Submissions that were Overturned 2 Here Below are the 2
Minus-1. Was Disputed and Overturned from Accept to REJECTED
PC-H1Z1-King of the Kill [Most Kills-All Weapons-Solo]-27-Soren

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