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Gaming since birth!!!!

Mostly playing PS2 and PS3 these days....
Charlotte, North Carolina
Cars, Racing, Running, Hiking, Video Games, and the Chicago Cubs (maybe next year).
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Shaun Michaud


“Friendships born on the field of athletic strife are the real gold of competition. Awards become corroded, friends gather no dust.”
Jesse Owens


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Android Angry Birds Poached Eggs - 1-1 35,850 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 1-10 76,640 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 1-2 62,130 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 1-5 73,720 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 1-6 45,810 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 1-7 57,260 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 1-9 60,570 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 2-10 51,050 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 2-11 109,290 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 2-12 65,190 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 2-13 90,890 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 2-14 55,560 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 2-15 80,210 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 2-16 78,370 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 2-17 49,710 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 2-18 65,230 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 2-19 58,460 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 2-2 74,140 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 2-20 61,260 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 2-21 87,720 1 view leader board
Poached Eggs - 2-5 104,770 1 view leader board
Commodore 64 Bagitman EMU - Points - 44,110 1 view leader board
World Games 1989 EMU - Bull Riding - Points - 85 1 view leader board
EMU - Cliff Diving - Points - 101 1 view leader board
EMU - Weightlifting Jerk - Points - 170 1 view leader board
EMU - Weightlifting Snatch - Points - 190 1 view leader board
EMU - Weightlifting Total - Points - 340 1 view leader board
PlayStation Atari Anniversary Edition Redux NTSC - Battlezone [Points] 65,000 1 view leader board
NTSC - Black Widow [Points] 148,225 1 view leader board
NTSC - Warlords [Points] 23,500 1 view leader board

Recent Entries

Veteran's Day Gaming Goals

by MyOwnWorstEnemy on 11-11-2016 at 05:46 AM
In honor of the holiday, today's gaming theme is heroes!

- First up is inaugural submission for the Last Guy, a top-down rescue / survivor game. Stockholm is in need of a hero.

- Next is Marvel Pinball. Let's see if I have what it takes to reclaiming the top spot in either Fantastic Four or Captain America

- And lastly maybe a sports hero record possibly... we'll see if I have time before I need to face reality later today!

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NPR Marketplace - Iterview with Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision-Blizzard

by MyOwnWorstEnemy on 09-13-2016 at 09:32 PM
I was driving back home from work and listening to Marketplace on National Public Radio. On the show, host Kai Ryssdal interviewed a modern day titan of the video game industry, the CEO of Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotick. Good interview that combines a bit of nostalgia and a present day outlook on modern day gaming and entertainment. If interested, check out the link to the Marketplace podcast - "Inside the World of Warcraft and Candy Crush". There is also an auditory quiz on video games at the bottom of the podcast teaser article. I scored an unremarkable 2 of 6.

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Labor Day Weekend Game Related Goals

by MyOwnWorstEnemy on 09-03-2016 at 06:06 AM
Its time to dig deeper in my wallet and shell out some cash for a new TV. That will give me a third option and enough space to finally set-up my PS4.
Games on tap for the day weekend.

Playstation 4
- Just Cause 4
- No Man's Sky

Playstation 3
- The Last Guy (Inaugural Records)
- Just Cause 2 (Inaugural Records)
- Zen Pinball 2 (Record Attempts?)

Xbox 360
- Forza 3 (Record Attempt)
- Forza Horizon (Record Attempt)
- Fable II (Just for Fun)

Playstation 2
- Pinball Hall of Fame (Record Attempt)
- Gran Turismo 4 (Record Attempts)
- Snoopy vs Red Barron (Record Attempts)
- Atari / Activision / Intellivision Compliations (Record Attempts)

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Blog Entry at 03-27-2016 09:10 AM

by MyOwnWorstEnemy on 03-27-2016 at 06:43 AM
At long last, its time to fire up Gran Turismo 4 for the Playstation 2. I'll start with the licenses and move forward to the fastest race / lap challenges. Each of the B license tests have 2-3 competitors. I look forward to the challenge. Here's a quick list of things I like with this game: - Ability to Import Garage from Gran Turismo 3 - Home screen Navigation System - Decent upgrade in graphics from its Predecesor - Expanded license tests from 10 to 16 - Tire Wear Here's what I Don't LIke - No Mechanical or Physical Damage from Crashes - Handling is a slightly off and less intuitive than Gran Turismo 3 - the configuration might be better with a racing wheel. [U]Goals for the Week [/U]16 Competivie Records - Gran Turismo 4 B License Test 1 Competivie Record - PS2 Classic Compilation (Intellivision Lives?) 1 Innaugural Record - Just Cause 2 1 Innaugural Record - Shank 2 1 Mystery Submission

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