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Platform Game Version Variation Scores/Time Rank
Atari Jaguar Alien vs. Predator Marine [Points] 1,459,600 1 view leader board
Nintendo Entertainment System Bad Dudes NTSC - Points 704,100 1 view leader board
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!/Punch-Out!! 1987 NTSC - Fastest KO/TKO of Glass Joe 42.0 1 view leader board
Playstation 4 PSN Super Meat Boy The Forest: 1-2 Upward (fastest time) 02.07 1 view leader board
The Forest: 1-3 The Gap (fastest time) 01.48 1 view leader board
Nintendo Entertainment System Duck Hunt NTSC - 2 Ducks - Points 591,700 2 view leader board
PlayStation Street Fighter Alpha 2 NTSC - Tournament Settings [Points] 831,300 2 view leader board
Playstation 4 PSN Super Meat Boy The Forest: 1-1 Hello World (fastest time) 01.0 2 view leader board
Sega Saturn Street Fighter Alpha 2 NTSC - Points 1,626,100 2 view leader board
M.A.M.E. Street Fighter Alpha 2 [US 960306] Points [Tournament Settings] 886,100 5 view leader board
Nintendo Entertainment System Kung Fu NTSC - Points 524,190 7 view leader board
M.A.M.E. Donkey Kong [US Set 1] 1981 Points [Level 1-1] 9,200 43 view leader board
Points 154,700 107 view leader board
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