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Amstrad CPC
Arkanoid Points 43,695 1 view leader board
Bombjack [Points [Marathon]] 665,090 1 view leader board
Fred / Roland on the Ropes Points 24,800 1 view leader board
Outlaws The higher score, the better. It doesn't matter if you don't finish the game, that's not necessary. 950 1 view leader board
Game Boy / Game Boy Color
Revenge of the Gator Points 1,440,920 1 view leader board
Pocket Gal (Japan) Four different levels are available to increase the score. 34,000 1 view leader board
Galaga 1987 PAL - Points [Marathon] 106,850 1 view leader board
Street Fighter II': Champion Edition [World 920313] Points [Tournament Settings] 600,900 8 view leader board
Centipede [Revision 3] Points 76,002 13 view leader board
Galaga [Namco rev.B] Points [Marathon] 718,450 20 view leader board
Pac-Man 1980 Points [TG Settings] 203,600 31 view leader board

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12-28-2016 at 09:39 AM

A million points achieved playing Galaga at Arcade Vintage

That was a good game play. Twin Galaxies settings @ Arcade Vintage
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11-21-2016 at 08:24 AM

Yessss!!! Finally on top 20 of Galaga for MAME rank

Going up!! And still training to improve. I really love this game.

Thanks for your support guys!!
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10-19-2016 at 04:00 AM

Almost a million on Galaga @ Arcade Vintage. TG's settings...

Last Saturday I scored almost a million on Galaga at Arcade Vintage with TG's settings: Rank D, 20K, 70K, 70K. It's a pitty it wasn't filmed...

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08-23-2016 at 02:05 AM

#1 Galaga NES PAL achieved!!

#1 Galaga NES PAL!! The only one on the score board :-)

Updated 08-23-2016 at 02:13 AM by pabloforcen

07-15-2016 at 10:33 AM

I'm a fan of Galaga

I don't stop playing Galaga. I want to send my hi as soon as possible!!! I wanna be registered!!

Updated 07-25-2016 at 03:14 AM by pabloforcen

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