Can anyone get a Million Pts.on MS.PACMAN?

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  1. 01-08-2003, 08:51 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by permafrostrick
    I can't believe they are playing the entire game in only 5 hours though.
    Typically speaking, a complete game of normal Ms. Pacman (kill screen), takes roughly 5.5 to 6.5 hours. This is pending on:

    a) how often a player holds
    b) how long a player takes to form their groupings
  2. Re: RE

    01-08-2003, 10:02 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by permafrostrick
    That would really surprise me....cuz there are only a handful of players that have ever reached the kill screen..
    Those are the only people that we know about yes. Great players popup frome everywhere, and everyone does not know about TG. All people does not bother to submit highscores either.

    Quote Originally Posted by permafrostrick
    All of them are familiar with TG.
    Of course they are. Cause those are the players we know about. And therefore they are known to TG. That does not mean that they are the only one capable of doing it.

    Quote Originally Posted by permafrostrick
    I would think if anyone had reached the kill screen in MAME they would have submitted it to TG.
    I?m not so sure about that.

    Quote Originally Posted by permafrostrick
    I can understand them maybe not wanting to submit it to MARP...but why not to TG?
    well I would submit, and you would (I guess) but we can not speak for everyone. Belive it or not but there are people that has never even heard of TG. Also we have many of the Japanese players that have almost no interest at all in TG. They compare their scores with "Gamest" and other high score places/magazines etc. After watching hundreds of extremly amazing scores on both new and old classic games from those players I have no doubt that some of them could be reaching the killscreen on Mspacman.

    Note:I have not seen any recording of that yet, but that does not mean that it doesn?t exists :)

    Quote Originally Posted by permafrostrick
    The high scores for mspac in mame at Mark's page is 485k....a long long distance from the kill screen. The top 4-5 scores on that page are all by guys that have posted really high scores on the arcade version and a few I know have reached the kill screen....yet they have only set scores from 270k-485k.
    Well, we can?t just look at Marks Page and say that it is the highest scores avaiable on Mame. His page has not been as much updated as the original TG site (scorewise) or Marp. Also he adds his scores manually, and sometimes players have no interest in beeing on his scoreboard either. Another thing that I have noticed is that those players that are very good at the arcade games, can?t come up with a good score on Mame. Why? I think that they who are playing those game like 95% of the time on a real machine are those that have the most problem changing to keys on mame etc. No proof for that though. That is just my guess :)

    My main point with all this is that just because TG or Marp has scores for games it does not have to be the best in the world.
    TG tracks world records worldwide of course, but most of the scores comes from the us. Why? because TG is sort or placed in the US :)

    Of course scores pops in from all countries in the world, but most of the activities (I guess!) still comes from the US.

    Just an example: Mark Longridge is probably one of the best Digdug players in the world (if not the best) Steve Krogman is also very good. And there are more players of course. Suddenly after a long time, a score shows up on Marp that beats Marks score.. by who? An unknown (to us at least) Japanese player has reached the killscreen and beaten Mark.
    Even Mark himself tells me that he has never seen any better Digdug player before.

    I don?t see why this can?t happen with other games like mspacman too.


  3. 01-08-2003, 10:20 AM
    of course....I wasn't saying it was impossible....just not very probable.
    I also agree perhaps these ms pac players that have submitted scores to TG maybe haven't played it enough in MAME on a keyboard to adjust to it enough. I do agree with you that there likely are a few Japanese players that can reach the kill screen in mspac. There are high score web sites in Japan though and I think overall they are more into high score tallying than we are....cuz they have several "MARP"-like web sites. I'll have to go through them and see what kind of mspac scores they have. Again that doesn't mean those are the best...but would be a nice indication.

    However, I have been playing macmame for steadily for 4 months now...and can't play more than 10-15 slow boards in mspac without dying from purely a control error in my fingers....not a problem in my brain with the game...just communicate from there to my fingers to press the correct cursor key....or do a nice wiggle...instead my fingers are stuck so the monster just runs right into me sitting at a corner just's silly. hehe

    I'm improving that communication more and more. My recent play of normal pacman has helped me there.

    I see the high score for regular pacman in MAME is a perfect score. Did this guy use the cursor keys on a keyboard for that?!?! or did he have an x-arcade type device with a 4-way joystick on it? My guess is he had a real 4-way joystick cuz to play perfect pacman getting the split-screen without dying(forget even getting all the monsters and fruit etc. hehe, just getting to the split-screen on first man) seems like a nearly impossible task to me with cursor keys. Even when I get "on a roll" I can't run more than about 50 boards of 9th key patterns without screwing up a turn then having to improvise my way through the rest of the board.....with no chance of surviving if certain turns are missed.

    I had a game last week where I was on my first man going into the 9th key yet only got to about board #230.

    Now I'd bet if someone in Japan has gotten to kill screen in mspac in MAME they also used a real 4-way joystick. Really what I meant by playing it in MAME implies using the keyboard...making it far more difficult versus with a real 4-way arcade joystick.
  4. 01-08-2003, 11:09 AM
    I pretty well aware of what the Japanese records are for games, and the very top tier players that they have for old school games DO submit to TG through Mark, and some of them also submit to MARP.

    A lot of the younger Japanese players are into dance type games, or fighting games, and there is not a whole lot of record tracking going on for these currently, but I'm well informed of what the best scores are for those, and players in the Americas, as well as Europe do just as well as those guys. I think the illusion is given by the fact that there are a higher number of elite player per population in Japan than everywhere else. Its just like SUMO, most of the best players are Japanese, but occasionally a Gaijin steps up to take Yokozuna honors.

    Another thing that keeps many Japanese from sending in scores, besides the language barrier, is that they only want to turn in a score if it is the new world record. I have several Japanese players chasing Resident Evil knife alone, and sub 60 minute records. THere are a few Japanese players within a couple of minutes of the hour barrier, and I'm positive that one of them will turn in any run that beats mine.

    With the internet, it is becomming next to impossible for the "unknown world champion" to slip through the cracks. Even people in third world countries can occasionally get access to the internet. Somebody alwasy knows somebody, who knows somebody....

    Another thing is that the internet is taking the skill plateau for games even higher, as all the experts can communicate with eachother, and pool their talents. I can tell you that it is 99.99999% unlikely for an unknown to come out of hiding and be the Tekken champ. You have to study the time worn techniques, and you have to find out who the best players are to play them in order to become champ of a game like this.
  5. Re: Can anyone get a Million Pts.on MS.PACMAN?

    01-08-2003, 11:41 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by permafrostrick
    Do we have any statisticians in the house that can tackle this and calculate that probability?
    While not a "statistician", both Robert and I were math majors in college. I can't speak for Robert, but I graduated in 1985 so I am a little rusty. :)

    I guess if I can get some time later this week or weekend I can take a stab at it.
  6. Re: RE

    01-08-2003, 02:47 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by QRS1
    Those are the only people that we know about yes. Great players popup frome everywhere, and everyone does not know about TG.
    I can speak from experience on this one. When I discovered TG almost 2 years ago it was completely by accident on a site that I never visit who linked there just for the hell of it. Now that I visit high score sites and ones more or less in the TG circle I hear talk of TG all the time. However, had I not been on the net specifically on that day I might have missed the news post and still be completely in the dark about Twin Galaxies.
    Martin Bedard

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  7. Under 5

    01-08-2003, 03:12 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by RCorcoran
    Quote Originally Posted by permafrostrick
    I can't believe they are playing the entire game in only 5 hours though.
    Typically speaking, a complete game of normal Ms. Pacman (kill screen), takes roughly 5.5 to 6.5 hours. This is pending on:

    a) how often a player holds
    b) how long a player takes to form their groupings
    Ron, I saw Darren Harris execute quite an elegant pattern on ms pac and it's pretty speedy, too. I imagine the same holds true for other pac-masters. Darren I believe did this in under 5 hours.

  8. 01-08-2003, 04:37 PM

    That's why I stated "typically". :)
  9. 01-08-2003, 07:03 PM
    Even when I was playing regularly just to reach around 250-300k would take me around 2-2.5 hours. It takes me a while to get the groupings to eat monsters.

    Now I'm gonna be rusty at it so it likely will take even longer....hehe...which doesn't bother me at all as long as I eat most monsters and don't lose more than 1 man on the first 18 boards.

    Now for slow boards I actually clear the junior boards faster than the chase boards. The chase boards are safer, but I take my time cuz anytime I try and rush things along I end up dying. For the junior boards I have a nice pattern-like way of clearing it with a few contingency plans near the end to get the 2nd fruit etc.

    I think if I actually had a game that lasted all the way to the kill screen I likely would be in the 8 hour range. This is playing it in MAME also...which means each board when I get them in a sit spot I often just let them go around and around for 30 seconds to justgive my fingers a quick flex etc. to keep them fresher.
  10. Calculated, Yet ?

    01-09-2003, 11:18 AM
    Hello fellow gamers:

    Has anyone the corret point info on what the total value of all dots and energizers are from stages 1 thru kill screen on Ms Pacman ? Also, the kill screen itself...stage 134 ? This is pursuant to my previous comment in this thread.

    Thanks !!

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