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  1. 11-07-2006, 10:15 PM
    Greetings All,

    Wow there is so much here to cover and yet not enough time to address it.
    First off YES on both my Donkey Kong carts \"the Coleco one\" and \"the Atari one\" the fire balls did jump gaps, and on both carts fire balls flickered back n forth but never froze in the middle of the gap.

    I was also able to reverse my pattern when that time came up so the fireballs wouldnt give me that same problem that Roberts cart had. Robert will be recieving a video tape of both versions played up to the 1Million pt mark on one life, not saying that they will play any differently, but I do know that the Atari one has more of the Flicker problem then the Coleco version does. This could possibly be due to my change of patterns around 300k 500k and 800k.

    My 15 Million pt game took 38hrs not 45hrs and but then again thats not the issue here, but just a minor correction.

    What to do you might be asking well, we can track down Roberts old cart which is in the posession of Tom Duncan and do one of the following.

    (1) ask Tom Duncan if he could send out that cart to Scott for futher inspection.
    (2) Ask Tom Duncan since he is a prolific gamer to actaully take the time like myself and to play Roberts old cart to the 1 million point mark on one man to see if he can get past the fireballs or does he get stopped like Robert did at that certain point value of 800k.
    (3) If Tom does get stopped like Robert did, then all we can do is ask once again if Tom will lend over that cart for dumping.

    That is it for me until i have further testing done and send off that tape to Robert on the Donkey Kong subject

    -Todd Mr. Activision Rogers
  2. 11-07-2006, 10:58 PM

    Just curious, how did you take breaks on Donkey Kong?
  3. 11-08-2006, 12:54 AM

    I normally do not take breaks when im marathoning I like the challenge of playing all the way thru the game. I don't have the bathroom problem unless I didn't prepair properly.

    With games that are over 24hrs I have to make sure that my liquid intake is room temperate other wise you'll have the Pee problem.

    But in the Donkey Kong case it wasn't a problem it was only 38hrs, now on the other hand the Journey Escape 80+hrs I had to go, after all during that 80hrs somethings got to happen.

    In my humble opinion when you have to take breaks, you'll want to take more of them after taking the first one, and in doing so you get tired and become less top notch when you play.

    Plan out what game you want to marathon and make sure that either you have enough men in reserve when you leave or there is a hiding spot where nothing can hurt you when you are away.

    Like I said above , when I marathon I like to play all the way thru till I cannot play any more, isint that the point of a marathon.

    -Todd Mr Activision Rogers
  4. 11-08-2006, 10:43 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by toddrogers
    But in the Donkey Kong case it wasn't a problem it was only 38hrs...
    :shock: "Only" 38 hours! I love it. When I did my first (and likely only) marathon, I was hallucinating at the 36-hour mark...
  5. Point 2

    11-08-2006, 05:07 PM

    Remember that I addressed the issue about the \"stopping point\" of 800K...I never said I could not get past that point...that's simply around where my game ended due to the second frozen fireball situatoin that I encountered.

  6. 11-08-2006, 07:03 PM

    You are correct, this is why I mentioned the set points of or around the 300k, 500k 800k point value mark, these seem to be the trouble spots that we are talking about.

    -Todd Mr. Activision Rogers
  7. 11-08-2006, 08:08 PM
    If possible you can change the title of this post from Asteroids to Donkey Kong since that is what most of the replies are about.
  8. 11-09-2006, 06:06 AM
    For anyone who's interested, I made 2 video clips demonstrating the technique of controlling the fireballs:

    Part 1 - shows precise control over the movements of fireballs on platforms 1 and 3. If you stand in place, or run LEFT or RIGHT, the fireballs will stay in play. However, if you push either UP or DOWN while standing on the platform, you will \"push\" them either right or left.

    Part 2 - 2 shows how you can use this control to increase the chances of a fireball crossing over a rivet gap.

    Both of these clips were made at the fireball behavior that you experience at 80k and 90k points. The technique might change, depending on what point in the game you're at (ex. you may have to move left and right to move them, instead of up and down). Todd or David would probably know if this happens or not.

    But now that I've finished compiling the complete list of values used in the game (below), everyone is free to experience any level in the game they want right at the start. All you need is an emulator, the Donkey Kong rom, and a hex editor program (there's plenty of free ones available online). Simply change the first byte value at location $900 to any in the list. That way, as soon as you start the game, you'll be at that level of 'difficulty'. If you put in \"FE\", you'll face the difficulty level that you would at 850k points (at 10k, it will drop back down to where it normally would be, unless you change the value at $901, and so on....)

    $900		30	0
    $901		50	10K
    $902		70	20K
    $903		90	30K
    $904		B0	40K
    $905		D0	50K
    $906		D0	60K
    $907		D0	70K
    $908		FF	80K
    $909		FF	90K
    $910		FB	100K
    $911		F0	110K 
    $912		07	120K
    $913		D9	130K
    $914		CD	140K
    $915		FA	150K
    $916		F0	160K
    $917		02	170K
    $918		38	180K
    $919		60	190K
    $920		69	200K
    $921		03	210K
    $922		AA	220K
    $923		A0	230K
    $924		03	240K
    $925		BD	250K
    $926		EF	260K
    $927		FA	270K
    $928		99	280K
    $929		EE	290K
    $930		0A	300K
    $931		A0	310K	
    $932		00	320K
    $933		A5	330K	
    $934		8C	340K	
    $935		10	350K
    $936		02	360K
    $937		A0	370K
    $938		1C	380K	
    $939		B9	390K
    $940		00	400K
    $941		95	410K
    $942		D9	420K
    $943		A9	430K
    $944		FC	440K
    $945		95	450K
    $946		DA	460K
    $947		CA	470K
    $948		CA	480K
    $949		B9	490K
    $950		0A	500K
    $951		69	510K
    $952		00	520K
    $953		95	530K
    $954		D9	540K
    $955		A9	550K
    $956		FC	560K
    $957		95	570K
    $958		DA	580K
    $959		C8	590K
    $960		10	600K
    $961		06	610K
    $962		A9	620K
    $963		5D	630K
    $964		85	640K
    $965		E3	650K
    $966		85	660K
    $967		E1	670K
    $968		60	680K
    $969		00	690K
    $970		76	700K
    $971		7B	710K
    $972		3F	720K
    $973		1F	730K
    $974		3E	740K
    $975		0F	750K
    $976		DB	760K
    $977		6B	770K
    $978		1A	780K
    $979		7E	790K
    $980		FC	800K
    $981		BD	810K
    $982		BD	820K
    $983		7F	830K
    $984		F7	840K
    $985		FE	850K
    $986		9E	860K
    $987		0F	870K
    $988		DB	880K
    $989		6B	890K
    $990		0C	900K
    $991		0D	910K
    $992		1F	920K
    $993		1F	930K
    $994		0E	940K
    $995		7E	950K
    $996		7E	960K
    $997		3E	970K
    $998		1C	980K
    $999		0F	990K
    * Remember, the game wasn't designed to be played past 100k b/c the table that was created for these values only has 10 values in it. Notice that the higher the value used, the more aggressive the barrels and fireballs become, and the last 2 values in the table are \"FF\" (the highest hexidecimal value possible). This shows the programmer tried to make it as hard as possible for the player once they reached 80k b/c there wasn't room left for any more if they reached 100k. The values used from that point are bits of actual code (that doesn't pertain to the table).
  9. 11-09-2006, 04:36 PM
    Scott, that is awesome work!!! Brilliant!

    I'd just like to add that I've encounted fireballs jumping the gaps at all points in the game, on easy levels, hard levels and freaky levels. I've never noticed a change in the method of controlling the freaky fireballs. To the best of my knowlege, it always remains exactly as you've described.
  10. Re: Donkey Kong rom..

    11-25-2006, 09:28 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by bryguy
    I also have a DK cart that you can't get past around that score.

    FYI: Bryan was kind enough to loan me his cart to be dumped. At first my equipment wasn't able to even read it. After re-inserting the cart a few times, I was able to read it but when I ran a comparison against the known ROM version, it was different by a few hundred bytes! After close inspection of the cart itself, I saw that the pcb contacts were dirty- to the extent that they were black! Once I cleaned the contacts and redumped the cart, it compared exactly the same to the known ROM :)
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