Is the arcade Gauntlet score for real?

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  1. Is the arcade Gauntlet score for real?

    06-21-2009, 09:19 PM
    Is the Gauntlet score for real? 4,400,000? That's amazing. That has to be at least level 100 on 1 quarter.

    I have played the original Gauntlet a lot since it came out and I can't believe that score. I mean, level 8 and above get very difficult. Is there some trick involved? What's the story here? What character did they use?
  2. Re: Is the arcade Gauntlet score for real?

    06-21-2009, 09:41 PM
    4.4M is definitely possible on some releases of Gauntlet. Early releases gave out enough food even on later levels that the game can be marathoned by skilled players with any of the 4 characters. There are replays at MARP of around 10M using each of the characters on several of the "plenty of food" releases. Later releases (and Gauntlet 2) stop giving you food after a certain point and can't be marathoned. On these later "starvation" releases 4.4M is not possible unless some sort of glitch was abused.

    If you're familiar with MAME I highly recommend watching one of the 10M MARP replays for a while and then one of Potante's replays on a "starvation" ROM revision. I find high quality Gauntlet play extremely watchable.

  3. Re: Is the arcade Gauntlet score for real?

    06-21-2009, 10:54 PM
    Oh yeah those scores are real. Like the previous answer the earlier versions could be played for as long as you wanted. Even the 1st release of Gauntlet 2 was playable for as long as you wanted to. I only knew of one person who could do that Denny ???? from Seattle.
  4. Re: Is the arcade Gauntlet score for real?

    06-21-2009, 11:52 PM
    I watched a Potante MARP reply tonight up to about level 40. Pretty cool stuff. He used Elf in the replay I watched. I was guessing Elf or the Wizard would be good choices. It's interesting how he just leaves the treasures laying around.

    I would think it would be more difficult to marathon with the Warrior because of his slowness/low magic ability and inability to shoot through the cracks.

    I didn't know the earlier versions were easier to marathon with compared to version 14. Interesting.
  5. Re: Is the arcade Gauntlet score for real?

    06-22-2009, 06:43 AM
    I didn't realize there were some revisions that gave more food than others. I figured it was just a difficulty setting ;) I used to play Gauntlet at a campground we stayed at every year, and one time, I had a game going with Elf that had to be over 2 hours long, on 1 quarter. I remember it took about 20 minutes to kill off all my health to end the game so I could get the top spot on the score list (the game room closed at 9 or 10pm, and it was about half an hour before that). I wish I could remember what my score was though, but it's been 15-20 years. It definitely gave me plenty of food, so it must have been one of the earlier revisions.
  6. Re: Is the arcade Gauntlet score for real?

    06-24-2009, 04:55 PM
    I remember putting in a 5+ hour session of Gauntlet back around 1986.

    A friend and I started playing before we were suppose to go to the movies. I was having a good game and decided not to go. After the movie was over, them came looking for me. I was still at the 711 playing. Couldn't find the ending and just walked away from the game.
  7. Re: Is the arcade Gauntlet score for real?

    06-25-2009, 01:24 PM
    Hello everybody, sorry for my english.
    As George said, 4.4 is only possible on early releases, the final Gauntlet revisions can not be marathoned, from about 300,000 points you can only lose health by the lack of food. In theory when you achieve 2.100.000 points the difficulty is reseted, but it seems totally impossible to get that number in a normal game without cheats or making a trick with several players who explain in this faq:

    I do not know any version of Gauntlet 2 marathoneable, the emulated ones by MAME are not marathoneables.

    Final levels of my MARP record in youtube:

  8. Re: Is the arcade Gauntlet score for real?

    06-26-2009, 08:26 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by InsertCoins
    I watched a Potante MARP reply tonight up to about level 40. Pretty cool stuff. He used Elf in the replay I watched. I was guessing Elf or the Wizard would be good choices. It's interesting how he just leaves the treasures laying around.
    On the "early" levels Potante is intentionally scoring as few points as possible, so he's intentionally not picking up the treasures. The reason why is that on the hard releases once you reach around 300K points, the game stops giving you any food. So by intentionally scoring as slowly as possible he's able to build up his health for longer, get all the special abilities, get close to the magic 300K "no more food" figure, and then when he gets a board with a lot of deaths he can kill for ** each, he'll make a sudden switch to point maximization and push as far past 300K as he can. In the YouTube video(s) Potante linked to above he delays making this "push" past 300K until level 62.

  9. Re: Is the arcade Gauntlet score for real?

    06-27-2009, 02:04 PM
    Thanks for the information guys.

    Yet another arcade game that I thought I knew a lot about but it turns out there's a lot more than meets the eye. Watching those videos really show how you can masterfully play the game. Going through levels 1-7 on one quarter was easy for me back in the day... it wasn't until I got to 8 and above... I would meltdown. I think my best game was making it to level 11 on 1 quarter.

    I completely forgot about the secret rooms in Gauntlet II. Wasn't there a contest for that? I can remember thinking that Gauntlet II was a lot more difficult than Guantlet I. That link you sent out has a lot of good info.
  10. 07-26-2015, 07:28 PM
    Hi all... it is technically possible to marathon even on the later versions with a fortuitous run of levels on the arcade platform, but as Potante points out, not so easily on MAME. There's a long, nerdy explanation below...
    The current top 2 scores on the arcade platform were verified by video, and I'm sure there used to be a copy of at least one of them floating about years ago, but I'm struggling to find it now to watch the gameplay, and therefore see if it was on one of the later "feast & famine" releases.

    Simply put, food runs out in the later releases. We know that. But due to what appears to be a programming oversight similar to the "kill screen" on other games, at 16384x128=2097152 score per coin per player, the food calculation freaks out and maximum food returns, but monster speed is still at maximum. So if you've survived this far and can deal with the nasties, you should be able to rebuild your health... or at least stay alive until 16384x256=4194304 score per coin per player, at which point the second glitch kicks in the difficulty gets reset as if you'd just started the game! And this cycle repeats apparently indefinitely!
    So marathons are possible after all, but extremely difficult. I have done this a couple of times before in the arcades, though I strongly suspect the difficulty was set between 0 & 2, not 4 as the rules for record submission require.
    However, for those making comparisons with the gameplay on MAME, here's the important difference... neither MAME nor arcade rules state that Factory Default Settings must be restored, so the level order will be retained from the previous game. Which means that if luck is on your side (or if you're unscrupulous and patient enough to manually set the level order), you may get a very friendly run of levels which will increase your chances of surviving to 2.1 million.
    Unfortunately, a recorded game in MAME (.inp) will reset the game to default (to create a level playing field for all submissions, I assume), meaning all MAME recordings of Gauntlet will play the same levels, unlike the arcade!!!

    Not sure if any of that helps, but I'm happy to keep any interest in this awesome game alive!
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