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Twin Galaxies is not judging peoples opinions or actions outside of the website. It is primarily looking at how those opinions are being discussed, or what actions are being taken on the forums WITHIN the website. As long as it is not profane, nor breaches the normal parameters of normal casual discussion between people who agree/disagree in a public place, moderation will not occur.

It is important to understand that Twin Galaxies is not the thought police. TG will never try to dictate anyone’s opinion or force a political agenda of any kind. TG will only moderate how an opinion is expressed within its site and set parameters for it to maintain reasonable discourse.

As long as communication within the website is not threatening, overly aggressive or hateful and discriminatory toward racial, ethnic, religious, and other groups, people should be able to openly disagree about things on the website and share their thoughts and opinions.

Twin Galaxies must always maintain a reasonably dispassionate view on personal issues between people. Unless you are talking about score adjudication, it is not in the business of taking sides or determining who is right or wrong - there is just the rule of law/policy. The fact that Twin Galaxies did not have a completely consistent policy in the past may have been the source of a number of historical problems in my opinion. The new era of Twin Galaxies must treat everyone equally and fairly and consistently.We can not "pre-judge" people on the basis of other's say so. We must make our fair determinations based on actions taken within our actual website or organized events. However, if someone crosses the line, then action will be swift and permanent. There has already been a case that has been dealt with. There are no second chances.

Please observe that TG’s policies on this matter are completely in-line with Facebook, Google and other public forums that are used by many. However, even with those examples as a general guideline for TG to follow, TG is still FAR more moderated than Facebook.

Additionally, TG has exactly the same ability as Facebook to allow users to block/ignore a specific person so that they never see them. So, it really is the same. Facebook is a public forum, just as TG is.

Clearly there will be people who may not agree with this policy of tolerance and certainly they are entitled to that opinion. In some cases they may feel so strongly that they will not want to participate in the Twin Galaxies community under this structure - and while that is unfortunate, that is something that is only at their discretion.

This note just represents a partial summary version of the Twin Galaxies policy. For the full policy, you can click here.

Thank you for your understanding.