Our goal is to build an audio library, archiving discussion on arcade games; the good, bad and forgotten.

I've been involved with a podcast call "We Talk Games" for over five years.
It started as a monthly video-game review show with special guest interviews with industry icons (i.e. Nolan Bushnell, Ralph Baer, Trip Hawkins, Jason Rohrer, Etc.) The shows were marathons in length, sometimes over three hours.

In January 2014, we restructure the show to be a weekly focuses discussion on one arcade title running no more than a half hour. I will warning that the current iteration is NSFW, but only because it makes it easier to edit. We don't go out of our way to cuss it up for shock value.

We just wrapped up on SHMUPtember, where we discussed only arcade games in the SHMUP genre for the entire month of September.

I just want to invite everyone to give it a listen and see if it's their cup of tea.

Choice Selections From Previous Run:

(Tommy Talarico, Video Game Music Discussion)
//feedproxy.goo... ... S02E04.mp3

(King of Kong Players, Video Special)
//feedproxy.goo... ... adcast.mp4

(Trip Hawkins, Round Robin Video Game Discussion)

Choice Selections From Our Current Run:

(Mikie, 1984 Konami)
//feedproxy.goo... ... _mikie.mp3

(Donkey Kong, 1983 Nintendo)
//feedproxy.goo... ... ykong3.mp3

(Boogie Wings, 1992 Data East)
//feedproxy.goo... ... ewings.mp3

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I hope you like us!