A friend of mine contacted me to help solve a mystery. He is trying to recall the name of an arcade machine he and a group of friends played back in the day.

"It was a stand up machine, the first thing that came up was an assortment of planets you had representing different levels... Your ship travelled to a planet then it started that level with you as a left to right walker with a gun.. When the first level started there was enemy fire that came at you that made you duck first then stand up and shoot that guy as he came into view grom the right then you immediately had to jump a rock and shoot two more right away once you landed the jump... I don't remember too much from there but that was the pattern at the very start always.. The screen moved you along slowly and you had to keep moving but stay to the left side of the screen to have time to react to what was coming from the right.. I believe there was a hard challenge at the end of each level and once you won it went back to the planet screen and your little ship went to another planet giving you a break before starting that next level... I seem to recall having the ability to steer the ship and choose between a couple different planets but not all of them however my memory is such I could be wrong on that fact. Either way I remember it being stunningly popular I just can't for the life of me remember the name. Through the high school group and convo's I've had with everyone we cannot find one picture or jog one memory since trying to solve this mystery almost 7 years now our fate is in your hands Data God please help!!"

Surely somebody here is able to figure out this mystery!