PlatformNintendo 3DS Virtual Console
Game NameThe Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX
DescriptionFastest Completion [Any% (No WW, No OoB, No S+Q)]
Score TypeElapsed Time
* Player must disable Restore Point option in the 3DS VC Menu (on the lower screen), when available.* Player MUST reset the game before officially starting their attempt.*
RulesSaving and quitting to reset Link's position (savewarping) is banned, as is intentionally dying to reset Link's position (deathwarping). Dying to the shop keeper when stealing items is allowed, however. Timing starts at file select and ends when the screen fades to white, after Link touches the stairs that spawn at the end of the Dethyl fight. Stealing items from the shop is allowed, as is dying to the shop keeper when stealing items, and does not count in categories where no deathwarp rules are in effect. "No WW" means no Wrong Warping using any glitch that sends Link to unintended map tiles. This includes the Dog House Glitch, the Eagle Tower wrong warp in the mini-boss room, and others. "No OoB" means no out of bounds glitches that allow Link to unnaturally bypass normal screen transition boundaries by clipping through solid objects (this does not include wall clipping). This track's rules are credited to the global leaderboard at ZeldaSpeedRuns.