Announcing the Retro Nintendo Online Open #1!

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  1. Announcing the Retro Nintendo Online Open #1!

    09-06-2016, 03:06 PM
    Retro Nintendo Online Open #1!

    We've been wanting to do this tournament for quite a while, and it's finally here! This tournament will consist of:

    • Four NES / Famicom / FDS games
    • Four Gameboy / Gameboy Color / Gameboy Advance games
    • Four SNES games
    • One "organizer's pick" retro Nintendo game chosen from a pool

    Best of all, the games in the tournament will be nominated and then voted on by the TG community! Each player is asked to submit one game for each of the three platforms listed above.

    The nomination process will last from Sep 6th to Sep 13th (one week). After that, players will vote on the nominations. The games with the most votes will make it into the tournament. The voting period will last one week.

    Rules Overview:
    • All players are required to register for the event on the TG Tournaments site before the event starts.
    • Start time is Friday Sep 30th at 12:01am. End time is Sunday Oct 16th at 11:59pm.
    • Individual scoring -- this is not a team-based event.
    • Scoring is points-based, not percentile-based. Every player in the event earns points for their submissions, and the max number of points per game is based on number of registrants. For example, if 50 players register, then first place on any game will earn 50 points. Second would earn 49. Third would earn 48. Etc.
    • It is possible there will be bonus points for scoring 1st place on a game.
    • Emulators and flash cartridges are allowed. Emulation submission guidelines for each platform will be released before the tournament starts.
    • Submissions that are in the top 5 for a game will all require video evidence. This can be a Twitch highlight, YouTube upload, or even a TGSAP upload.
    • Organizer and refs reserve the right to reject any score for any reason. Players may be disqualified under extreme circumstances including: poor sportsmanship, cheating, and player harassment.

    If this event is successful, there will be a RNOO#2 in a few months, and this tournament's games will go on that event's banned games list (they will not be accepted for nomination).

    Please post all questions related to the event in this thread.

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