Not sure what the cause of this is but here goes.

On two separate occasions and on two different workstations (home and work) I have experienced the following when logging onto the TG website, not from a saved favourite but typing in the URL as I typically do (I'm old school)...

On CHROME - the TG toolbar on top is missing...that strip where you see forum, login, etc, is completely blank. Hitting F5 (refresh) does not work.

Switch to I.E. - same

Next Steps taken - while in I.E. I clicked on the image of a scoreboard submission from the visible front page. Now the toolbar is visible but clicking on anything there has no effect.

Switch back to Chrome - I copied the URL from I.E. and cut/pasted into Chrome...once that was done I was able to successfully login.

The first time I mentioned this to Jace he suggested clearing my cache. That was a week or two ago from my at-work PC and the action had no effect. I just experienced this again from home moments ago and the above was the outcome.

Two completely different workstations, one on a network, and the same problems encountered almost two weeks apart. As such I do not believe that this is a cache issue but I am at a loss to explain what the cause might be. Suggestions ?