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3. How Many Votes are Needed to Get a Twin Galaxy Members Video Game Submission Accepted Like 50 100 500 1000?

Hey Juan,

50 votes for one submission is extremely rare.

I would be shocked if any submission has EVER received more than 100 votes.

Since I began tracking this stuff, the largest voter turnout I have seen was for Duc's Centipede submission:


I can't provide the exact voting result, because it completed at the same time as another submission. However, I have estimated the final vote tally to be somewhere between 78-0 and 82-0 (based on various parameters).

I don't know what the minimum requirement is, but one submission was pushed through by only a 6-0 vote (the fewest number of votes I have encountered for an accepted score).

I suspect the precise adjudication algorithm shall remain a mystery.