Wonder if you can help... Ive been playing NES REMIX on the WiiU and thought I'd check some results online to see how my times match.
The game itself is all based on completing levels quickly... in concept its the game-play not speedrun where as speedrunning from what I see is taking a game to completion as quickly as possible (with/without glitches etc..), and if thats the case wouldn't any time-trial racing game also be considered a speedrun?!?. So was disappointed to see this game in the speedrunning section rather than as a stand alone game.
So once found the game it appears that this is owned by: speedrun.com which I assume means I can't get any TG recognition of this game.

As said I appreciate its a time based game, however its not in my opinion a speed-running game and should be moved to the WiiU section. Obviously I'm still fairly new to the website and not sure how or what is involved in supporting a game on the WiiU section but happy to help moderate the rules, etc... as its nothing special just the standard gameplay.