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There is a big shortcoming iin the TG system for loading tracks that one cannot choose between POINTS or TIME within derivative tracks under the same game.

For new tracks one can choose the score type and ranking method:

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When one wants to create a derivative track below the already created original game track (and the user is the original author of the track), then the options for the proposed derivative game tracks for "score type" and "ranking method" is greyed out and does not allow for other options. Like if the original game track was based upon points then the derivative game track is to be assumed by the TG website to be also points, which is incorrect.

The system should for all derivative tracks all options must be available for Score Type
Score Type:
points Float
Elapsed Time
Completed Percentage

Ranking Method:
Highest is best
Lowest is best

See post here:

Francois du Toit