Day 17 of 17. Score submissions for Game 1 Bubble Bobble is now closed.

Final Results ...

Scoring over 1 million is an accomplished performance, and it was great to see so many bubble and eat their way to some fine scores … TBE, magrinder, bigredbird, outrun86, RichyS, Brad, SectionZ, Barra and Sawys take from 7th place to 15th place.

Then came the 2 million plus pro scores, with Robert Racek hitting a brilliant 3rd place, Robert Macauley 4th, Clay Karczewski 5th and CrazyKongFan in 6th place.

Terence Wong just missed out on 1st place by only a few bubbles and some other bonus points, finishing with 3,248K and an excellent 2nd place.

Congratulations to Daniel Larsen for winning Game 1, with a masterful game and a very strong finish.

Game 3, Bomb Jack and Game 4, The End are both currently in play … and both require some getting used to …