Arcade - Alpine Ski - Points [Tournament Settings]
Score Track
RulesDip-Switch Bank A:
1 = ON
2 = OFF
4 = ON
5 = OFF
6-8 = OFF
Dip-Switch Bank B:
1-8 = ON
Dip-Switch Bank C:
1-2 = ON
3 = OFF
4 = ON
5-6 = OFF
7 = ON
8 = OFF
Note: The above Dip Switches, when properly designated, will give the following Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings, used for this title;
800-2000 Point Bonus For A Successful Downhill Jump
2 Minute Starting Timer
1st Game Extension @ 10,000 Points
2nd Game Extension @ 10,000 Points
Player NameEric Olofson
Original AdjudicationN/A
Verification MethodReferee
Verification Date1982-11-23
Disputed Score500,774 (Rank 1)
Disputed Byredelf
Dispute Evidence / RationaleI'm just getting this dispute started for later when the other guys with more info chime in, since they don't have enough ranking to start a dispute.

Suffice it to say thought that this score was not done on these settings. I don't have the proof or support but if the others want to chime in they will provide their knowledge and proof.