Arcade - Donkey Kong - Points [Hammer Allowed]
Score Track//
RulesDip-Switch Bank:
1-7 = OFF
8 = ON/OFF [Upright/Cocktail]

Note: The above Dip Switches, are not only the FACTORY DEFAULT settings, but are also the correct Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings for this title and will provide the following settings:

Number of Jumpman: 3
Score Level for Extra Jumpman: 7,000 Points
Player NameBilly L Mitchell
Original AdjudicationN/A
Verification MethodReferee
Verification Date2010-07-31
Disputed Score1,062,800 (Rank 12)
Disputed Byxelnia
Dispute Evidence / RationaleThis score has been questioned for years in the DK community, so I felt it was time to create an official dispute. Since I'm not sure how much text can be entered in the Dispute message, the bulk of my post will be in a reply. The key piece of evidence is the so-called "Board Swap Video":