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Todd NEVER plays Gorf with 6 ships. The game is too EASY for him. He can just play with 3 ships until he gets tired of playing. At my house, he played a game to over 200,000 on his first life and then handed the game off to me to finish. I went about another 20 missions myself. Todd is much more consistent than I at Gorf :) . Please close this dispute. The score is not even in first place any longer. It is a 3rd place score for Pete's sake! Who would dispute a score that is not even in first place? One day Todd may decide to beat the current record. But this dispute is not necessary.
David while this dispute wont be closed another has been opened. I'm glad you're at twin galaxies, perhaps you can explain all your fake scores here

by the way, your math in this thread is really bad. You claim todd getting 200,000 one life proves he could easily get 653,990 on 3 lives? Let me do some basic arithmetic for you, 200,000x3=600,000 so actually your claim hurts todd. If he can only got 200,000k on one life, then thats not good enough for the score, additionally, first life is often the best life as your wear down with time. Your math is horrendous bro. Maybe this is why you couldnt fake your own scores. If you wanna help todd keep quiet, your word only hurts things.