Day 17 of 17.

Final Results ...

What a tough game. And what a set of great scores by many gamers in the last 2 days for the lead. Then what about the last few hours. Stand outs were SectionZ (3rd), terencew (4th), magrinder (5th), creech (8th), gadzooks (10th), Barra (2nd) and DaLar (1st) who all really explored this game for greater scores and made it a very exciting finish. Titanic gaming. Plus camaro and RMacauley scored over 62K each to take 6th and 7th place, excellent. CrazyKongFan scores 56K in just a few minutes to take out a fine 9th place. Yes a very worthy Game 9 it was.

Congratulations to Daniel Larsen for winning Game 9 by pillaging the critters and looting like no other, and at the very end when determination was decisive, with a fine top score of 117K. No jail term and you get to keep the loot, virtually that is. Well played!

This was the last game of an epic MGLXXXIII. Well played everyone in this game, it’s still a difficult game on normal settings. The overall scoreboard will be updated shortly and then the closing activities will begin for this classic tournament.