PlayStation 2 - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 - NTSC - Scenarios - Comeback 1 [Highest Stroke Difference]
Score Track
RulesScore entered is the difference in strokes. For example, a score displayed as 1UP on the scorecard is entered as a score of 1.
Player must complete the scenario successfully but need not achieve a Gold Medal.
Special Rules:
You may use the following code to unlock all courses and golfers:
Note that the code must be entered using all capital letters.
Player NameShaun Michaud
Original Adjudication
Verification MethodTGSAP
Verification Date2017-09-02
Disputed Score2 (Rank 1)
Disputed ByMyOwnWorstEnemy
Dispute Evidence / RationaleThis dispute is not questioning the validity of the performance or score. The dispute is being used as a tool to change the track title and rules to accurately reflect what is actually being scored in this track and a few others. This is a match play event in the game. Strokes are not counted in match play. The score is the difference between holes won / lost.

Please remove the stroke reference in the title and rules with 'Holes Ahead' or 'Holes Up'. The rank order should be highest is greatest and allow for negative numbers (-1, -2 etc...) to allow submission when match play is lost.

The dispute is for these three premium scoreboard tracks.