Game NameUnreal Tournament
DescriptionMost consecutive number of headshots
Score TypePoints Int
RulesA consecutive head shot is shots fired from the sniper rifle without missing a shot in between. Kills must be head shots, normal kills don't count and If you miss your target or make a normal kill with a shot fired you must restart the count.

You may use the "allammo" 999 ammo cheat to increase the total number of shots possible and you may use any map or game type.

Game must be using bots, not multiplayer. You may use any difficulty in game.

Game Style: Hardcore
Game Speed: 100%
Air Control: 35%
Translocator: Yes

Max team score: 3
Time Limit: 0
Weapons Stay: Yes
Tournament: No
Friendly fire: 0%

NO MUTATORS or MODS are allowed.