I'm looking for some insight and help.

I'm currently trying to set a record on this game, because I love it and would like it to get more deserved attention, however, I'm conflicted about the speed of my records. I have currently recorded a new TG world record but have noticed that the game speed is muuuuch slower than intended, and so is it for ALL THE OTHER Samurai records on TG.

Here is a link to a video showing small clips of the different speed,

It's not nearly as much fun to play the game so slowly (even though it speeds up a little as you progress). I would like to hear some insight from officials and the community as to what we can do about this. Here are some general questions I have.

1. Is there a way to make wolfMAME 106 (everyone's favorite version due to it's interface), run the game at the proper speed?
2. Why is MAME 190 running the game faster than normal?
3. Is there something we can do to have MAME developers fix the speed?
4. Should TG wipe the records?
5. If we can get a proper speed on wolfMAME 106, is there a way to set that speed as a rule for TG?
6. Is there any other way to record inp with MAME 190+?

I would love to see some competition on Samurai at it's intended speed, and would hate for this status quo of records on slow speed to stay. ANY and ALL insight is welcome.

Thank you!