Junior Levels of Ms Pacman

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    Junior Levels of Ms Pacman

    Hey there!

    Do you know any pattern to follow on Junior levels (10-13 levels) in Ms Pacman?

    Thank you all...
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    @francoisadt any tips on this? You're my go-to Ms. Pac authority.
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    Hi Pertali

    First, welcome to the TG forums.

    You have given little information

    Are you playing normal speed Ms. Pac-Man or Turbo(speed-up) version.
    Each version to have totally different approached.

    I did started a wall explained ms. pac-man step by step for the first few boards:

    Goto post 5 - they meet. Here I do explain the casual grouping other than the normal way of
    grouping ghost using top right holding spot. Somehow the post on TG site do not display the
    graphics or links to the videos correctly so I have posted more detail here:

    For Ms. Pac-Man slow I have created ms. pac-man step by step on this forum here:
    This tie into the Bozeman Think Tank thread below.

    I also have added additional information at the end of this thread (page 2),
    Teach me how to ms.pacman:,5675.0.html

    With Slow junior clearing technique posted here:

    Start reading with the Bozeman Think Tank:
    The missing details and numbers are on this thread here:

    Your question prompted me that I will posts explanations for the chase boards and the junior boards on my wall
    and on the CAG site.

    Once you mastered the techniques I have explained in the posts above for boards 3 to 5.

    Continue here... below...

    Here some brief information in the meantime.

    Initial Boards : 1, 2
    They Meet : 3, 4, 5

    Red Chase : 6, 7, 8, 9
    Blue Junior : 10, 11, 12, 13
    Pink Chase : 14, 15, 16, 17
    Brown Junior : 18, 19, 20, 21

    The set of boards starting at board 6 are in sets of 16 boards.

    So the set consist of 4 Red chase, 4 Blue Junior, 4 Pink Chase, 4 Brown Junior.

    Each set of 16 repeats untill board 133 is reached

    8 sets times 16 = 128 + Initial set of 5 = 133

    The last set with blue time ghosts are the first set of 16 up to board 21

    From set 2 (board 22) onwards the ghost do not turn blue anymore.

    I am assuming you are playing normal speed Ms. Pac-Man. Let me know if you do
    play the turbo version as well.

    To refer to a junior board already drawn up by others just to speed up the conversation.
    I will post my own version later on.

    Name:  btt_slow_jnr_clearance.PNG
Views: 27
Size:  296.7 KB

    No it depends on your skill level and what your goals and aims are.
    If you can group the ghost then you have to work out a pattern to clear the board
    which will fit your skill.

    No let's assume you are playing normal speed Ms. Pac-man and you cannot group them.

    I have to be blunt there are NO pattern for any of the Ms. Pac-man boards playing at spesific set
    of moves and direction all the time to clear a board.

    So the only way to master the game is to mini-strategies what you can apply while playing a spesific board.

    The flows on the junior board above were explained in a book-let written by Bozeman Think Tank group.

    They have created a thinking pattern to clear the board bit by bit once the player have the ghost grouped
    and the ms. pac-man is parked at position nr 8.

    The links I have given you above describe some of the logical flow of when to do what.
    Each energizer is approached from a different angle.

    Now if you cannot group the ghost then at least you have to outsmart them having knowledge where they will corner
    the ms.pac-man easily and methods of escape.

    The boards you are currently want to clear 10 to 13 are the Blue-time junior boards.

    You need to understand how the ghost will move on junior boards. Some explanations are given in the Bozeman ThinkTank

    Example For holding positions:

    The board can be split into four equal parts - TopLeft quadrant, Top-right quadrant, Bottom-left quadrant and
    Bottom-Right quadrant with the ghost box as the centre. Allmost as taking an A$ paper and equally devide the rectangle.

    What they have done right was to analyze which corner each ghost will defend agressively. this also mean in most cases
    the best corners to be are TopLeft and BottomRight. Likewise the other side of the Top-U.

    The reason for that is at spesific positions the mspacman can sit and waht for the ghost to pass or to force the ghost
    around the U at the Top to go pass at position 40 or 42or force the ghost at the park spot 8 to go left around the left-quadrant-bottom.

    If the ghost are at position 38 moving towards position 24 move to 44.
    When the ghost are at 24, move to 47, when ghost at 44, move to inner hold spot above 47 by just pressing up when at 47.
    Now the ghosts will move pass mspacman to position 40.
    When ghosts are at 33 allmost at the bend move to the bend of 43. Now the ghost will pass by at the bottom on the other
    sideof 43 without seeing the mspacman.

    Once you have cleared a quadrant, work on another. The big secret of junior is not to move all the time but
    to hold, move, hold move so that the mspacman position itself all the time. Once this is mastered you will be able to do this
    in continious mode on the fly.

    I will add more detail later.

    So summary:
    - work out mini-startgies for eacgh quadrant. Practice one at a time. One by one example: then once you can clear a qudrant,
    restrat the board do the others one by one. Once you can clear all of them one by one, start to put a pattern together by playing around with your plan,

    Do quardant 1 first, then quadrant 3, then 2, then 4 ect. untill you got what work for your skill.

    Remember : the quardant that kill most players are the bottom-left.

    Link to Bozeman method clearing junior on my youtube page. The video will help you understand the numbering
    and also some explanation in their document is not clear but the ideas are put out there.
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