MGLXXXIV - Game 3 ~ Super Bagman (closes 3-Dec)

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    Day 17 of 17. Score submissions for Game 3 Super Bagman is now closed.

    Final Results ...

    This is one of the toughest CAG games you can play, and to get past level 1 is a major achievement.

    bigredbird, Fliplismc, RMacauley, magrinder, Barra and CrazyKongFan scored from 81K down to 51K, for 5th to 10th place respectively, and played extremely well just to get those scores. SectionZ and fok999 both scored over 100K with 101,850 and 100,790 in a very close finish, for outstanding 3rd and 4th placings.

    It seemed Jason Vasiloff had this game won, with a terrific score of 119,170 with a day to go, yet finished in a great 2nd place.

    Congratulations to Daniel Larsen for winning Game 3, with excellent finishing skills to take the money bags and the game win, all in the last few hours of competition, with 127,870.

    Game 4 Spiders, and Game 5 Lunar Rescue are both currently in play … both simple in concept, yet very difficult in game execution.
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