Pokemon Go - Damages !!

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    Pokemon Go - Damages !!

    When the "Pokemon Go" app was released, I took out a thread altering everyone as to the potential negative aspects to this venture most especially regarding children who might use the app.

    In short order, a few blissfully optimistic gamers got very annoyed with me for doing do, instead touting the "worldwide benefits" of the app.

    Well, it's been out for awhile, and here's some new information which supports some of my developing concerns from when I originally posted the thread.

    Researchers from Purdue University have invested time into producing a study called "Death by Pokemon Go". Their research estimates that players across the country caused between $2.0-7.3 billion in traffic-related damage alone, including lost potential income from persons injured and killed within just the first five months after the game's launch.

    The researchers extrapolated their national estimate based on police records of traffic accidents within a specific county within Indiana. In just that time the game accounted for 134 accidents including 34 injuries, 2 deaths and damages in excess of $500,000.

    The damage losses within the county were estimated at between $5.2-25.5 million over the five month period after the game launch.

    Can't say the same about the five months after Nintendo released "Super Mario Brothers" and "Legend of Zelda" :)
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