Day 17 of 17. Score submissions for Game 5 Lunar Rescue is now closed.

Final Results ...

kernzyp, fok999 and bensweeneyonbass all scored over 16K to take out 9th to 11th placings. To make even just that score took some very good skills and expert navigating to save the astronauts.

Then redelf, DaLar, creech, Barra, Rat, RMacauley and Fliplismc all scored between 23K down to 20K in a very closely fought game to take out 2nd place to 8th place. Breaking 20K is a huge achievement on this very difficult but very fun game.

Congratulations to Jason Vasiloff for winning Game 5, being the only player to hit 30K and break the previous MGL record held by Clay Karczewski.

Game 6 - Ghosts ‘n Goblins and Game 7 - Lady Bug are both currently in play … horror by monsters or terror by insects … you can only get so much fun by playing in the MGL, and live!