Game NameIce Cold Beer
Description1 hour game time variation
Score TypePoints Int
Rules1 hour game time track.

Timer starts when the player hits start. The bar can be in any position on the play field when hitting start.

It is strongly advised to use an on screen timer for your recording or a score tracking program with timer.

Game is over if the player loses all balls.

As the end of one hour (60 minutes and 0 seconds), if the player still has a game in progress the player may:

a) if the ball is currently on the bar, they may attempt to place the ball in the correct hole and have those points included in their final score;

b) if the ball is currently on the bar, and the player incorrectly places the ball in a hole, game over is deemed to have occurred;

c) if the ball is not on the bar, that is, it is in the process of being returned to a position on the bar, game over is deemed to have occurred

If there is doubt over the ball being on the bar before the timer reaches 60 minutes and 0 seconds, a player would be advised to not continue as verification timing may cast doubt over their final ball.

Machine may be opened during play to correct malfunctions, however no pausing of the timer is allowed. It is the players responsibility to make sure they are playing on a well maintained machine.

Dip Switch #3:
1 = OPEN

3 = OPEN
5 = OPEN
7 = OPEN

Dip Switch #4:
1-3 = CLOSED

4-5 = OPEN
7 = OPEN

Note: The above Dip Switches, are not only the FACTORY DEFAULT settings, but are also the correct Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings for this title and will provide the following settings;
Attract Mode On (Attract Mode Off also allowed)

2 Frames To Complete The Light Star
Factory Difficulty
2000 Points for an Extra Ball (game settings at higher points are also acceptable)
Bonus Countdown @ Factory Speed